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tiring day

today is a damn tiring day. now i’m in my sis house in kl using my hp to online blog here Haha! installed opera browser in my phone so just tryin out now. back to the day now. this morning i woke up early tot of fetchin my gf to tapah bus station 4her to take bus back to cameron highlands. but when almost reach tapah i decided to fetch her up instead cos it takes a long time to reach by bus. So she drove all the way up to Tanah Rata again~ haha~
A photo i took sitting in the car..

She drove so ‘fiercely’ ! lol.. keep overtaking those cars on the way, because she knew those roads quite well already. Just after we reached Tanah Rata, I drove back down again after fetching her back to her grandma’s house. I think I drove quite fast cos I reached back down to Tapah in around 1 hour time.

Then after a few hours in evening time, I drove down to KL with my parents somemore.. so tiring man! Going to KL because my sis is having her marriage registeration on saturday. My parents and I staying in my eldest sis house then.

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