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UTM Career Fair~

The University organizes career fair from varies of company every year for the students to get some job opportunities. For this year, the career fair was held from 3rd – 5th of March. As normal, everyone dress in their best suits, carrying piles of certificates and resume to the fair, hoping to get shortlisted by the companies involved in the career fair. My housemates and I went to the fair early in the morning on Saturday, seeking for some job opportunities…


After reaching for half an hour, we were asked to sit in the seats for the open ceremony of the career fair.


All the booths were situated behind the small stage. Nothing much for the day. I submitted resumes to some of the companies in my field but until now I don’t get any response from them. Sigh… My friends got calls from those companies and some even already interviewed by a few companies! Hello~! I’m still available here.. anyone want me? :p Never mind then. I’ll keep on applying from other companies online. Hopefully I can get a good job in the future?


These are the brochures I got from the career fair. The biggest company in the career fair was Schlumberger, Alstom, Agilent, Shell, UMW, Petronas and a few more.


Agilent was one of the busiest booth because of their tactics of attracting the students. Nah, Agilent is a big company where everyone wants to get in. They conducted a quiz session and lucky draw for everyone who submitted the resume and the grand prize was a thumbdrive with Agilent logo on it. I only managed to get a canvas bag. Don’t know who so lucky got the thumbdrive though…


Motorola did the same thing too. But I only got a pen because I answered the quiz incorrectly. 🙁 Notice the silver pen that glows above? It’s not that useful but it would be life saver when power outages. It can be used as a torch light! Haha~!

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  • nescartel

    good luck in finding your rewarding career! =) reading your post makes me remember my job-hunting experience last year, hehehe… struggle waking up early every saturday to buy the star because of the Star Jobs, not to mention attending various career fairs, and finally FINALLY manage to get hired! YAY! i hope you do well too!!!

  • Musa

    Hey M3nghua,

    I wish you all the best on getting a job. Don’t worry pal, you’ll get a job somehow. great stuff you’ve collected from the fair! Cheers

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