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Viewsonic LCD Monitor~

Finally, I’ve bought myself a new LCD monitor today. It’s a 19 inch widescreen, 8ms LCD monitor from Viewsonic. This monitor is just a normal LCD monitor, unlike those monitors for laptops that have true view quality. Still, it feels so good to have a widescreen monitor. Like people always say, a bigger monitor screen can increase your productivity. But for me, this monitor just provides me more entertainment for myself as I can watch those widescreen movies with a wider screen 😆

With 1440 x 900 pixels resolution, this is how it looks like for my blog in firefox browser.


How much does this costs me? RM638 😯 I trade in my old 17 inch Samsung CRT monitor to the same computer shop at RM70-80, which is still not confirm yet because they need some time to check on the monitor. So in the end, this monitor only costs me around RM558, hopefully. I’ve been dreaming of getting a widescreen LCD monitor for so long, and today I finally made up my mind to get one. Hopefully I didn’t make the wrong choice 😆

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