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Web Surfing While Driving?

This is something that caught my eye just now. It is called Anna Lopez’s Cario concept notebook, something that is only meant to be used while parked outside your local NeighborFi hotspot. I really wonder how many accidents will increase on the road because some idiots surf the web while driving.. 😆

What do you think about this? Creative design or useless design??

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  • Armin VAn Buuren

    I think that’s a really good opportunity to make some money when you are in the big traffic jams everyday. I have been thinking of buying a laptop but probably I will try something like that. Although it is very useful it can be very dangerous in the hands of idiots, that is the truth. Driving with 100 km/h and trying to find a good recipe for lasagna is a little bit impossible. But I hope that the gadget will be used just by people with common sense.

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