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Windows Live Writer WordPress Problem~

I’ve been trying to use Windows Live Writer to post in my blog for quite some time but I’ve encountered a big problem. Windows Live Writer needs to access to a file, xmlrpc.php ( in the root of wordpress installation ) for wordpress based blog. This is what I get everytime I tried to add my weblog into Windows Live Writer.


Apparently some hosts have shut off access to xmlrpc.php because of the many security exploits that have been possible through that file. So how to solve this problem? I found a solution from Just add these codes into the .htacess file in the root folder.

<Files xmlrpc.php>
SecFilterInheritance Off

This will allow WLW to access to the xmlrpc.php file. This solution depends on which hosting you are using so I don’t really guarantee it works. But it does work for my blog. The only problem I’m facing now is the Ping server problem using WLW. WLW had some problem pinging server such as technorati or PPS. Strange… Might ping them manually until I found a solution for it then.

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