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Wisdom Tooth Nightmare~

There I was, in Ipoh General Hospital’s Ward for 3 days since Wednesday. Went there quite early that day since the nurse called to ask me to reach there before 9am. So after I reached the hospital, doctor told me briefly about the surgery of taking out all 4 of my wisdom tooth. Yeah that’s right! All 4 of them since all of them grown erm.. abnormally? i suppose..

10am I was admitted into the ward and waited the whole day to past. Read some story books which I remember to bring luckily and had some blood pressure test by the nurses. The surgery was scheduled at Thursday 11am. So wasted 1 whole day doing nothing in the ward. Then the day finally arrived. I was told to changed into the surgery clothes the next morning and being pushed into the operation theatre. Waited a while in there for everything to take place. The only thing I remembered is that the doctor putting some needles on my hand, then she injected some med and ask me to sleep. In less than 10 seconds I was fast asleep.

2 hours later I was awake. I was so blur that time and my mouth was being stuffed with cotton rolls. Trying to recall what happened, the nurses keep checking on me, asking how am I doing. Well it was still ok that time. Then I was being pushed back into the ward. Mom n dad were waiting for me there and asking how am I doing. Then disaster happens… After my parents went back to TI and the doctors checking on me, I tried to sleep. Everytime I woke up, I vomitted.. and its all BLOOD. It must be the side effect of the medicine I’ve taken and I’ve swallowed too much of blood during the operation. For the whole day, I’ve vomitted more than 6 times, all with blood. I guess the blood I vomitted can fill a small bowl! I can’t eat nor drink, because I’ll vomit after I do that. This really sucks man~ This continued until 3am..

Finally woke up feeling much better this morning. I was damn hungry when I woke up and drank 2 packs of milos. No more vomitting… thank god! After seeing the doctor, he said I can go home finally. Yeah!~ Waited until 12pm for my parents to arrive and then reached home around 5pm after waiting for quite a while at the pharmacy and had lunch. I still felt the pain in my chest and stomach whenever I cough, resulting from all the vomitting last night. It was the worst night ever. As a result from the surgery, all wisdom tooth were removed, and my face swollen like a pig. Great~! Guess I won’t be going back to Skudai so soon since I’ve taken medical leave from the doctor.


Souvenirs anyone?? Hope I can get well very soon.

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  • bee

    all your 4 wisdom tooth are out dy? so much wisdom at such young age..aiyo, thank God you are ok. the vomitting blood part sounds bad. Get well soon ya….

  • esther

    wat the doc means by ur wisdom tooth is abnormal? erm… 1st time i heard wisdom tooth is abnormal de… but hope u will get well soon yah… vomiting blood seems scary la… take good care of urself!!! i dun wanna lose a daddy ler… if not me n mum will b so lonely….:P

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