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A day before going back~

Sad.. Mr. Tink just died this morning.. my newt la.. just saw it when i woke up.. lying at the floor of the fish tank not moving at all… i’ve been expecting it quite long ago.. cos he didn’t eat at all eventhough i bought some blood worm for him to eat.. sigh.. it just went dead when my gf is around… rest in peace la buddy…

Went to Pelangi Mall this afternoon.. just went there to walk walk with my gf.. since we’re going back hometown tomorrow morning.. and we got ntg to do at home. Just when she was trying on a short skirt in the fitting room.. I took a photo of myself instead..


as i was taking the photo.. some auntie just walked into the fitting room.. i guess she must be thinking that i’m some pervert who is trying to take photos of thos gals who are changing clothes in the fitting room.. :P.. she keep finding for another room other than the 1 near the place i’m standing.. OMG.. i’m way too far from the room to get a photo of u la auntie.. and also.. ur too old for me la.. LOL…

after that.. around 7pm we went back to Skudai area to buy bus ticket to go back my hometown, Teluk Intan tomorrow.. 10.30am bus.. duno what time will reach home tomorrow.. k la.. until here… got something to settle now.. and also pack my clothes and books to go back tmr.. c ya!

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