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Accident and Traffic Jam~

I was on the way back from KL to Skudai this afternoon and guess what… I was stuck in the traffic jam just before Muar on the highway for more than half an hour in the rain. Why?

That’s right. This accident had blocked the path and caused a massive traffic jam for at least 2km I think. The lorry flipped over after being knocked by the lorry behind. The road was covered with palm and the workers were busy cleaning up the mess.

The rain in southern Peninsular Malaysia is really causing a lot of problem lately. From what I heard in the news, there are still 40,000 people staying at the shelter waiting for the flood to stop. It is still raining now since I came back this afternoon. Scary… Hopefully things will get better after this.

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  • menghua

    Roads are all covered with holes at skudai here due to the rain I think. Yup semester break was over. Only one month holiday ma. Still raining everyday here… zzz

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