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Christmas Eve~

Merry Christmas! This is a late post on my Christmas celebration on the Christmas Eve. At first Keat, Shin and me were so bored and we decided to go KL to join some celebration by LRT. But in the end, we went to IKEA for dinner because no one want to join us. So sad for a Christmas eve huh?

IMG 3072

Nothing much actually. We had some Swedish Meatballs and Fish & Chips.

IMG 3071

The food was delicious, but we were stuffed with too many meatballs… haha.. After having dinner, the 3 of us went walking around IKEA to look for some furniture for Shin’s new rented place.

IMG 3076

Just after that, we received calls from our friends saying they were coming over to The Curve to meet us. It became a gathering for all of us in the end. They said there would be fireworks in The Curve that’s why the place is so crowded with people.

IMG 3093

IMG 3078

There was a tall Christmas tree inside the center court of The Curve. The decoration is beautiful in a blue theme. So we started ‘camwhoring’ while waiting the friends to come.

IMG 3081

Finally… they came.

IMG 3085

IMG 3103

All of us had some drinks while waiting for the countdown. Well, there wasn’t any celebration at all that night at The Curve. Everyone gathered in front of Cineleisure hoping to see some fireworks but there was nothing.. haha~ To heat up the night, all of us went to Rush (clubbing) after the so called “countdown”. We had some great times there, but not after we got drunk… That… was a disaster..

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