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PPPPayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to reach bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and social networks, today announced it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire select assets of Performancing LLC, operator of, a popular Internet community site for professional bloggers. Through its purchase PayPerPost gains a number of powerful blogger support tools including Performancing Metrics, the leading, free blog analytics service, and Performancing Exchange, an online “classifieds” for bloggers.

Written and maintained by individuals who make their living in the blogging trade, has amassed a community of over 28,000 professionals since its launch in 2005. In addition to information and discussion on the subject of professional blogging, the site provides a means for advertisers to connect with bloggers and place ads on their weblogs based on the site’s subject matter, readership and ad pricing.

PayPerPost will not acquire two assets including the Performancing for Firefox blog editor technology and the Performancing Partners ad technology. The two assets will migrate to a new brand.

This would be a big news for PPP members because this means that PPP are growing stronger now. The stronger PPP grows, the more bloggers will earn as bloggers are paid to blog about the topics that advertisers want them to.

Performancing Metrics, which is a visitor tracker platform is very useful for website users. I actually am still using it to track how many visitors visits my site and the traffic everyday. They even provide feed alerts to show you the reports from time to time. Performancing Exchange is a free online marketplace for companies, blog sites and others wishing to employ professional bloggers. The classifieds have brought a number of bloggers and employers together for both short-term and long-term relationships.
In my opinion, by acquiring Performancing, PPP will have more advertisers that give us, the bloggers more chances to earn more money from writing posts. The topics will be increased which make us much easier to choose topics according to our blog theme. This will help us to earn more revenue for our blogs or maximize our earnings by tweaking the things that we are already doing. Good job PPP~!

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  • menghua

    Payperpost had pulled down the acquirement of Such a shame since they had been announcing it and advertising the news and then just got pulled down…

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