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My Mom’s Primary School~

How does your primary school looked like? Any memories of it? Do you remember the name of that school? My mom was a headmaster of a primary school. Why I say WAS? Because she just retired last week after working as a teacher for 37 years. That’s really a long time. So last week I fetched my mom to her school in Kampung Pelawan, Perak. She used to travel from Teluk Intan to Kampung Pelawan everyday which is around 20km distance away.


The school is situated in a small village, where there are only around 100 – 200 students studying here. Very small school right?


After passing the main gate, this is the place where the students have their morning assembly.



Oh ya, my mom parks her car under this shade everyday.



The classrooms… Kind of reminding me of my primary school days where teachers writing on the blackboard with chalks, we have to clean the blackboard with duster, sweep the dusty floor, and of course, studying on the table with lots of drawings and cravings on it.. haha…


The canteen is really small too. Enough for all the students to have their meals.


Nice little pond in the school area. The students here always hang around the school even after classes. They will go home and have a bath, then cycle back into the school and play around everything they can play with. Sometimes it make me think that living in a small village is not a bad thing after all. Life is much slower and easier here comparing to the cities.

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  • bee

    Nicely done bro! Brings back the nostalgia for good old primary school days. You must give mum a buzz to check this out.. Nice pictures.

  • Apek-kun

    wow..the good ol’ days for mom’s school is not too far away from my home..actually my mom and I were studying in the same 2 lil bother were also the same..and my 2 sisters still studying of my family members were and are studying in the same ol’ school..except my dad..haha
    memories..well..i remembers most of them..i even still remembers my kindergarten’s in primary school I first discover my first crush to my classmate..hahaha..:-)

  • menghua

    this is the school where my mom was teaching for the past few years though… smaller school is good because the problem will be lesser between the teachers… haha…

  • Loon

    SRJKC Kampung Pelawan was my Primary School. Great to know that you published some information about my primary school.


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