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I am Back In Hometown~

After 6 months, my gf, Shin finally came back from Switzerland~ Yippie~ I stayed up until 3am and start my journey from Skudai to KLIA because her flight touch down at 7am. So I need to start journey early so that I can reach KLIA on time. After reaching KLIA, waited for some time and finally… I saw her coming out from the terminal gate. Finally..

Well, after fetching her from KLIA, we went straight back to Teluk Intan. We stopped by at Sg. Buloh, planning on having a “bak kut teh” breakfast but unfortunately the shop was closed today. Strange… I remember the shop is open in the morning as well.. After that, I was lost in Sg. Buloh area and I decided to go back TI using the old route through Kuala Selangor. Traffic was quite smooth and we managed to reach home in 2 hours time. There is an advantage on taking the normal road other than the highway which is I won’t get sleepy driving on the normal road. Driving 120kph on the highway constantly really make me felt real sleepy sometimes.

Then.. Home Sweet Home.. Got the housekeys from daddy and I fell asleep in my room until 3pm. Mom was nagging about me sleeping in the room in such hot weather without opening the windows or switch on the air conditioner. Then nag nag nag again on her computer things. So spent whole afternoon formatting the PC and fixing it. Dad and mom then went to my sister’s place in KL to see my niece while I’m all alone at home now. Bored…

Just now went out for dinner with shin and guess what we bought for her mom and sis.. Egg tart~
I bought 10 egg tarts and it costs RM1 each! Freakin expensive man! (price in my hometown k..) So now I’m alone at home eating egg tarts while watching the Summer holiday concert held in Danga Bay on TV… Why need to go pack with so many people instead of watching at home anyway? lol… I’m Really Bored…

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