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Manhattan Fish Market Dinner~

My friends and I went to Jusco Tebrau this evening and had dinner at Manhattan Fish Market. Here’s some photos of it..
The napkin… the last time I had this was in IKANO I think..

Power Lunch Manhattan Style~!

We ordered fried shrimps as starters..

Chilli, garlic, tartar sauce..

This is my dinner, the Manhattan Fish and Chips. The fish is really big that I spent quite a long time to finish it. With all the chips, its quite worth it after all although I felt hungry again 1 hour after dinner.. lol..

Baked Pacific Dory, the dish my friend ordered.. Quite nice~

Eating time!

After dinner we guys went walking around Jusco and guess what we found, birthday teddy bears!
I spent almost half an hour just to find my own birthday and my girlfriend’s birthday teddy bear at the shelf with more than 200+ boxes there. Have to search 1 by 1 just to find the correct birthdate teddy bear… hehe.. There goes my night..

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