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beijingI received a message this morning, which i woke up around 11am :).. this is what the msg sounds like:

hey menghua, we reached beijing already.. if anything u can contact me on my cellphone ya.. beijing just normal only.. not very modern nia..

oh ya.. my whole family is in Beijing now.. I mean WHOLE… except me.. lol.. my parents, my 3 sisters and also my brother-in-law.. so fun huh.. n now i’m alone in Malaysia.. again! Y din i join them? i can’t.. i just dun hav holiday to go vacation with my family… whenever i have holidays.. they are busy.. that’s y.. if they go next week mayb i’ll follow since its my study week… no class at all.. haiz.. now they’re enjoying themselves while i’m here having the exams pressure.. haha..

i’ve been googling with all sorts of photo in Beijing.. just for fun la.. since i have no chance to go also.. n i think i still need at least a month more b4 i get to see their photos taken in Beijing.. cos my final exams only finish on 22nd of November… i’ll go back home after that.. arr.. so many places to go wor in beijing.. the great wall of China.. Imperial Palace.. oh ya.. their trip got go a few places as i remember.. Cheng Du also i think.. nah.. i duno much about China also… Hmm.. when i can have the chance to go travel overseas??

beijing Its been the same situation last year.. where my parents, my elder sis n her husband went Shanghai for a trip.. then my 3rd sis n her bf went Hong Kong at the same time.. my 2nd sis? working in Sacramento that time.. me alone in Malaysia again.. LoL.. n now i’m still alone in malaysia wat..

oh ya.. forgot to wish my elder sis happy anniversary tim.. its her 1 year anniversary lo.. this Beijing trip can consider as a anniversary trip then.. no wonder wana go at this time la.. nvm la.. someday i’m sure i’ll travel around the world with my gf.. haha.. i wana go all sorts of places.. Europe especially.. hey Studiotraffic.. when u gona release my under audit accounts ar? hope i really can earn something through it..

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