Proton Satria Replacement Model TURBOCHARGED??

Just browsing through Paul Tan’s automotive blog.. n i found this.. Proton Satria Replacement Model.. code name SRM24. Look at the bumper area.. u can c the intercooler in it.. so does it mean that its Turbocharged?? wow! Turbocharged proton car.. now that’s really something new here! Look at it.. it’s so “Garang” wor.. W00t! W00t!

The photos were taken by spy auto photographer Hans G. Lehmann in England when the Proton SRM going through test rounds. The car is still covered with black tape huh.. the car seems really stylish man! but then look at the intercooler now.. hmm.. i really doubt about this car being turbocharged.. the intercooler looks like being photoshopped into.. what do u think? Proton made turbocharged car… LoL.. let’s hope for it then..

The car is said to be launched early 2006… look at the photo above.. looks yummy!! hehe.. those rims.. the body.. (although its covered with black tape).. really hope this car is tough man.. not like the other 1 which is said to be “tough” but when i lean on the doors it terus kemek.. LOL… i mean the sawi la..

here’s more spyshots from Paul Tan’s blog..

this photo was released much earlier this year.. i think i saw it long long time ago.. with another proton car.. cabriolet or something.. duno how to spell it..

the back not really that nice right? but then the front really stylish.. i like it.. especially those in black.. let’s wait for the car to launched.. hope i can get a hand on it then.. lol..

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  • ruzzuck

    Aiyaa apek lu apa tau pasai kereta, jangan condamn kereta negara sendiri ma…… chow haii lu, we try to develope our own car by our own, no more mitsubishi, give them a chance la ma hai…. what do you know about automotive? dont’t just complain la ci bai…. i’ve study about automotive about 4 years in japan so please don’t just complain if u know nothing about this industries la lancau….

  • magg

    abis lu ingat study kat japang tu dah kira bagus laaa….abis tu apek tu, dan ramai lagi pembeli keta malaysia dah terkena… kena terima kritikan dgn terbuka laaa…..
    belajar tak abis dah nak berlagakkkk….balajar dulu baik2,,,,nanti buat keta ….jagn mareee….heheheheheh

  • Alex

    The Satria SRM GTI version comes with 187 hp. Not sure Turbocharge or MIVEC but definitely not NA. Heard from the Proton salesman in Sydney, Aus.

  • menghua

    SRM just launched in malaysia named Satria Neo. Not sure there’ll be a GTI version but if its turbocharged then it’ll be a great breakthrough. I’m sure it won’t be a MIVEC version since the engines are CAMPRO now…

  • LightFlyer

    I got good news for u all , for Satria Neo u can put in a EVO 4,5,6,7,8,9 . Dude imaging with that engine plus the Lotus stablility. this ‘Satria’ can rock man.

    i bless & hope proton can improve thier car.

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