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Firefox Tweak.. for autosurfers..

Its been a terrible day for those who surf ST yesterday.. the database was upgrading and all of us were suppose to finish our surfing because there’s no surf holiday declared.. so this is what i found in the forum which can help those who always stuck then surfing til the 9,19,29… sites.. because the information about how many sites you’ve surfed is updated every 10 sites you surf (after you’ve surfed 10 sites, that info is sent to the database). So just a bit of copy n paste here :P. With this tweak you will be able to continue surfing without reloading and without losing the surfed sites, by simply clicking the Try again link in the surf bar. The tweak enables you to get that link when you run into a timeout.

1. Type “about:config” in your address (location) bar (you will see the list of your preferences in the tab)

2. Locate this string browser.xul.error_pages.enabled They’re sorted alphabetically, you should be able to find it just on the border between letters b and c

3. If you don’t have it you have to create it yourself; right-click anywhere in the tab and choose New>Boolean and enter browser.xul.error_pages.enabled It should be set to true

4. If you have it set to false, click on that string with the right mouse button and choose Toggle from the menu. This will set it from false to true

1. Next time you get a problem the top bar will look like this (see the top of the image, disregard the area where the pages are viewed)

2. Move your mouse pointer to your surfbar and scroll with your mouse wheel downwards (or use your keyboard, direction keys or Pg Up and Pg Dn). Don’t be confused if you don’t see a scroll bar on the right of the surfbar, it will still scroll! You will see the famous Try again link

3. Click on the link! The surfing will continue without losing 9 sites

This tweak is really useful actually.. save up a lot of time since if you surfed till 29 site and refresh it, the counter will go back to 20th site. So using this tweak, it’ll at least save you few minutes of time waiting, mayb hours if you can’t connect it repeatedly. HAPPY SURFING!

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