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COMET Day 2~

Its the 2nd day of the conference. Started from 8.30am, its another talk by an engineer from Intel again on the topic, Future on Electrical and Electronics. Again, its like the one yesterday, talking a lot on the history on Intel before going into the main topic.


MMU students presenting his Final year project…

After that, its time for paper presentation again. I don’t understand those presentations mostly because its about mechanical projects again. After a break, its time for workshop again. This time its a motivation talk about PHD in Entrepreneurship. Its presented by a guy in Singapore, Mr. Abu. Its a very interesting talk since its purely on motivation and not related to any technology stuff at all. He keeps motivating all of us using his name, ABU, Always Believing in Urself.. haha.. Actually there is no PHD in this subject at all, just a term he used to motivate us to get a PHD for our lives.

After lunch, my housemate and I went back home since we’re too tired already.. haha..

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  • chengsim

    hahaha =)
    ABU. Always Believe in Urself.
    thats a good one really.

    urgh. i hate engineering.
    still don’t get it why my best friend would actually like engineering stuff.

  • ^||DaReDeviL||^

    lol.. that’s what he said for his name ABU.. there’s others as well.. such as PHD.. its Passion, Hunger and Drive that makes u do something…

    I duno I like engineering or not but since I’m in the course so accept it lo…

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