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Coolermaster X-Dream III~

Well after months of torturing noise coming from my rig, I decided to buy a new heatsink fan for my processor. My motherboard is socket478 and the stock Intel cooler fan was way too noisy for me. I can even hear it from 10 meters away~ The fan is running more than 5000 RPM which I think its on the maximum speed. So I went to the PC shop in Tmn U and find a silent HSF for my rig. This is what I found!


This is the Coolermaster X-Dream III. It only cost RM65 and I bought it at RM63 after bargaining with the seller.. just RM2 difference.. zzz. So this is the specs of the cooler.

  • Socket Type: Socket A, 370, 462
  • Dimension: 80x77x45 mm with copper base
  • Material: Aluminum extrusion fin with copper base
  • Fan Dimension: 80x80x32 mm
  • Fan Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Fan Airflow: 32.5 CFM
  • Fan Life Expectance: 40,000 Hours
  • Voltage Rating: 7-13.2 VDC
  • Noise Level: 20 dBA

Once I got home I quickly shut down the pc and start the project.. haha! I took out the stock Intel fan from the motherboard.


Then I applied the thermal compound on the processor chip surface. The thermal compound is come together in the package.


The installation for this HSF is really easy. Just put the heatsink on top of the processor, connect the 2 steel pins that comes together in the package on the side to the adapter on the motherboard, “click!” done!
After connecting all the cable behind the CPU, I switched it on and guess what? The fan is glowing in blue!


This is quite nice man~ And this is what it looked like from far.


Something will be glowing when I’m in my sleep later tonight haha! So where my stock intel cooler go then? Back into the box.. lol


The fan is really silent after I start the pc. Its way more silent than the stock ones. But the HSF doesn’t do much on cooling the processor as the temparature is almost the same. For a HSF at a price at RM63, I think it really worth it after all.

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