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D1 Grand Prix Round 2~


Last Saturday my housemates and I went to watch the D1 Grand Prix Round 2 held at Danga Bay JB. Its a drifting race among the drivers where the two cars will go sideways side by side. When we arrived, they were announcing for the top 16 drivers among 32 drivers that will compete in the drift battle. The rules are simple: 2 cars will race in each battle which consists 2 rounds, where one will start in front while the other will follow behind in the 1st round. Then in 2nd round, the driver which start at behind will start in front. Points will be awarded for the way they drift in the track and total marks for both round will decide who is the winner. If the car behind overtake the car in front, or the car in front made some mistake and turn around during drifting, full marks will be given to the other driver. Clear enough? haha..

I didn’t take any photo as my phone can’t take nice photos at night. The quality really sucks to take photos from where I was standing. I took some photos from the video my friend took from his Video Camera instead. Not really nice though since I took directly from the video.

Toyota AE86 vs Nissan Cefiro.. The Toyota is driven by Tengku Djan, the son of the former Proton’s CEO I guess. He’s in charge of R3, the Race Rally Research team of proton.

Nissan Skyline (left) vs Nissan Cefiro.. The Cefiro spinned and stopped in the middle of the track, ended up Skyline made emergency stop right beside the Cefiro. 10 points awarded to the Skyline! Woot!

Nice drifting by a black Nissan Skyline…

A photo of both cars coming sideways into the big curve..

Toyota AE86 vs Nissan Cefiro. The Nissan Cefiro is the champion in Round 1. Tengku Djan beats him this time.. But his car ran into the posts instead.. haha..

Another Toyota AE86. This car ended up in the finals with Tengku Djan. So 2 Toyota AE86 in the finals!

Final Battle begins!

In the end, Tengku Djan won the round 2 D1 GP champion. Sorry for the blur images. Hopefully I can post up the videos once my housemate finish editing it. No point of describing how the battle goes without the videos though.. haha..

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