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Final Year Project – Done!~

After months of work on my final year project, the project is finally DONE~! Last Tuesday was my presentation and demo session for the project. I was quite nervous for it but everything went well, and the panels don’t have much questions on me, which I don’t know whether they really understand what I said or that I presented very well 😆 Luckily one of the panels who is popular as a “shooter” in project presentations was absent that day. Phew!~ Lucky me huh? This is the final prototype of my project.


Compared to the previous version, this final prototype is not that messy anymore. All those databus wires are soldered underneath the strip board to make everything looks tidy (there are more than 30 wires circling around under the board~! :P). I’ve added another function into the Embedded Ethernet board which will accept inputs from a computer in the same network through Telnet.


Once the board is connected to the network, all I have to do is open a Telnet session to connect to the LCD control. I’ve programmed it to show the words in the photo above once I press the ~ key. If I press the ` key, it will show some instruction like the photo below.


Other than that, whatever you type in the Telnet window will show at the LCD screen.


The main objective of the whole project is just to build a board that accepts Ping requests from a computer in the same network and response to it. The LCD is something that I added in for some extra features. Overall it’s just a simple project compared to what my other course mates does. I even found the source files online and used the self-modified version for the board. I’ve tried to implement a web server in the board but just simply can’t do it due to time constraint. Sigh…

Presentation and demo session is done, and now it’s time to rush on my thesis draft. 🙂 Where do you think this board can be used anyway? Heheh..

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