How Much Have You Earn from PPP?

pppIt’s time for some money making review posts again~! How much have you earn from PayPerPost so far? Hundreds, thousands? For me, I’ve only written 11 sponsored posts from PPP, and my earnings were only $90 USD. This post would actually add another $10 into my PPP earnings. 😈

What am I going to do with the earnings? I guess there are nothing much can be done with $90 USD. What I’m going to do is to continue accumulate all my earnings until I have around $500 USD in my paypal account. Then I’ll withdraw all of them to get myself a 22 inch widescreen LCD monitor for my pc. WooHoo~! Can’t wait to get my hands on those widescreen LCD monitors. The rest of the money might be used to upgrade my graphic card so that my pc can support the big screen resolution. Oh ya… I can continue dreaming for hours just on this.. Maybe I should use the money for some blog marketing to booze up my blog’s traffic as well…

What did you do with your earnings online? Mind to share? 🙂


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  • Jauhari

    I not earned yet, Almost my post still pending and not yet approved…

    USD1.5K/Month? that really huge… How you manage you blogs?

  • Armin VAn Buuren

    I haven’t earned a lot from posting. It was around the sum that you have mentioned but I think we don’t have to be so greedy for money. Of course we need them to improve ourselves and our sites. The most important is that you have dreams and when you are dreaming about something sooner or later it becomes reality. I used my earnings to buy more RAM memory for my pc and better graphic card and I’m very proud of it.

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