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Yesterday and today~

Didn’t update yesterday. So I’ll update about yesterday and today as well. Yesterday woke up at 6.30am then my parents and I went to Ipoh central hospital. Its Monday but the crowd was so damn pack at the hospital. Took me more than half an hour just to get myself a parking space. Here’s a photo I took after parking my parents’ car.

So after few hours of waiting, my dad finally get to check on his tooth. The main point of coming here is to check whether the root of the tooth is still inside my dad’s gum. Have to check with Xray. But in the end the doc just said that there’s a shadow at the gum there which should be the root of the tooth. Can’t confirm its there or not cos the xray just dun show nicely. So next Monday I have to fetch my dad to the hospital again for the operation. Had to admit into the hospital for 2 days then only operate on Weds. Thursday I have to go fetch him back from Ipoh lo.

Last nite my housemates all came over from Skudai with my 2 hometown housemates. They went to Pangkor today except me. Haha~ I just don’t have the mood to go and I told them about my dad need to operate on tomorrow because I really thought its tomorrow before this. They rent a room here so last nite all of us hangout in that room. Play some card games and of cos… the stupid Hamburger game. The only card game I played usually that everyone will be excited bout it. So went back home to sleep around 1am+. But ended up sleeping around 5am cos talking on the phone with my gf… settling some problems.

Today then… this morning, woke up around 11am then my grandpa asked me to fetch him out to buy things. I’m his driver whenever I’m back in my hometown haiz.. Took some photo while he walked into some shops to buy things.

My hometown really looks old with these photos right? There’s some modern side which I din take the photos of it.. haha.. Then I waited my grandpa to have his haircut and shaving.

C my grandpa lying there? So relaxing huh? haha.. I don’t think u’ll c this kind of barber anywhere in the cities. And I don’t think my hometown friends know about these kind of barber as well.. haha.. Its really cheap actually. Just pay RM6 then what u get is : a haircut, shaving, ear cleaning ( korek ur ear hole la), and even face massaging? They got a fridge to keep some towels. After shaving, they put the coolen towel on your face and u’ll feel so good because of it! 😆 I never tried b4… just looking how the process goes each time my grandpa went for a haircut there.

Ok I should stop here. The photos taken seems blur. I think its because my friend set it to macro mode last nite and I din notice about it and took these photos 😆 I’m going to Cameron Highlands tomorrow for a few days. Gona stay at my gf’s grandma’s house. I’ll take some photos there. Hope its not too cold cos I can’t stand it if its really very cold. I don’t want to make tissue wan tan there ( flu~ HAHA) bye~

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