Heat heading for the Finals~

Sad sad… Detroit Pistons lost to the Miami Heat in the eastern conference finals with a score of 78-95 in Game 6. Miami Heat is now in the finals after leading with 4-2 wins in the 7 games series. Richard Hamilton scored a sky high 33 points but he was the only player who scored more than 10 points. Billups was definitely in a low form in this game which he only scored 9 points. I guess this really proved that Miami is a better team after all.

“Miami played great,” Hamilton said. “They deserved it.”

And the proud Pistons weren’t shy about showing their respect to the new East champs. Rasheed Wallace hugged several Miami players before leaving the court, and Tayshaun Prince said “Miami was definitely the better team.”

“I don’t want to make excuses,” Pistons guard Chauncey Billups said. “They flat-out beat us.”

Well enough of these.. lets see some photos then.
Richard Hamilton
High scorer Richard Hamilton trying to score while Shaquille O’Neal defending.

Rasheed Wallace(36) and Tayshaun Prince (22) with disappointing faces.. guys, you lost!

Wade celebrating their win over Pistons at the last minutes of the game.

Yeh yeh we won~! Dwayne Wade holding the trophy. Miami Heat won the East Conference Champion and heading into the Finals against Dallas Mavericks. All photos taken from

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