I’m Sorry, I Love You~

This is the Korean series i’ve been watching the whole day yesterday.. when i’m at home.. my sis bought 3 series in Beijing, 1 is this 1.. I’m sorry, I love you, then is Full House, and another is Hotel Paris or something… which 8TV just finished showing i guess… so she just came back around 1pm yesterday.. and we start watching this series from 2pm onwards…

The storyline goes like this: The main actor Moo-jyiu is an orphan.. adopted by a family and stayed in australia since 5 years old i think. and then was adopted by another guy where he meet on the street after the previous family abandon him.. ( not very detail about this la..) and so he became some thug in the streets.. stealing others bags.. and then 1 day he met the gal in the photo, help her out as her bag was stollen by his frens (who are thugs as well). then duno how he got shot on his head because of her gf.. got a bullet stuck in his brain which the doc can’t get it out.. n it changed personality of him.. went back to korea and found out who his real mom is.. and also started some stories with the gal in the photo..

i haven’t finish watching it actually.. just finish until episode 5 i think.. will finish it after i finish my final exams.. the movie is actually very boring 1.. everything is so slow.. u hav to be really patient to watch it.. and the male actor became strange after being shot.. he became some maniac or something.. i duno… that’s the only thing that might interest me continuing watching bout it.. but then.. after 5 episodes.. i still can’t c where the love story started… anyone watched it b4? the seller in Beijing said its really nice so my sis bought it.. so hope it really turn out to be some nice series in the end la…

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  • 2nd_sis

    an nyong ha sye yo, bro?.. Don’t be too surprised if you read this. Somehow i have gotten the link to site. kakaka.. talk about this drama. Other variation of the drama name includes Sorry, I love you /(Mianhada Saranghanda). I have finally finished watching the series. My rating – Bravo! Marvellous..:) The story line at the beginning until ep5 was too slow/unappealing to be mentioned here. I have started to grumble my regrets of getting this series at teluk intan. Upon returning to penang, i decided to give this series another chance… Much to my surprise, che-cheng… Ep6 onwards, the story started to evolve.. causing me to loose my beauty sleeps..

    Now i understand why the salesgirl at the beijing “lady street” dvd shop kept promoting this series. I was reluctant to get it initially because i have not seen any movie by the lead actor(So Ji-Sup). the story is refreshing as it is not a-typical-tear-jerking korean drama. Besides the love between eun-chae and moo-myuk, it told the sacrificial love of a son to a mother who abandoned him at childbirth, and brotherly love. There was a twist at the ending. I was somewhat annoyed that the mother was kept in the dark of the truth. Oops.. don’t worry, i am not going to babble the story here. please watch it yourself… I love all the soundtracks. hey bro, send to me ya if you have the soundtracks….

    cheers! ahn-nyong-i kah-se-yo..:)

  • 2nd_sis

    Oh yeh.. So Ji-Sup and Im Soo Jung won the best couple award at the 2004 KBS drama awards show. This drama also won the Best Picture Award at the 32nd Korean Broadcasting Awards. Hehe.. now you have no reason not to watch it..

  • ^||DaReDeviL||^

    wah.. suddenly my sis reading my blog pulak.. the series really so nice? lend me watch when i finish my holidays k. erm.. about sound track.. let me search for it tru the net then.. mayb there got..

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