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Are you tired of upgrading your WordPress versions just to keep up? WordPress has been releasing new versions more frequently lately and it would be troublesome for some of us to upgrade it. Luckily, there is a plugin where you can upgrade your WordPress versions just by one click! (Err.. Maybe a few clicks.. )

How does it work?

The InstantUpgrade plugin downloads the latest WordPress version from the WordPress server and unpacks it at your server. In the next step, it deletes all of your old WordPress files (except wp-content/ and wp-config.php, language packs are preserved, too) and puts the new files into your WordPress directory. At last, it runs the upgrade script contained it the new WordPress version.

Further instructions of how to install and use the plugins can be found here. It is said that you need to apple chmod 777 to the named directories and files. Will this cause some security issues? I’m not really sure. Maybe you can just set it when you want to upgrade your WordPress.

I’ll try this plugin to upgrade my WordPress from 2.1 to 2.1.2 later. Make sure you back up all your files before making this upgrade ya!

Download InstantUpgrade Here

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