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Microsoft Named new software as Vagina~

This news is spread all over the world but most of the Malaysians and Singaporeans are just laughing out loud and getting confused of it. Microsoft just announced a new software analyser that is called “Cibai“.

Cibai: An abstract interpretation-based static analyzer for modular analysis and verification of Java classes

I believe most of the people in Malaysia or Singapore, including most of the Chinese, Malays and Indians know what “cibai” means. It’s a foul language in “Hokkien” which actually means Vagina in English. It is commonly used for someone to express their anger like saying “Fuck You!”. There are more for this term which has much worse meanings such as “Chau Cibai!”, “Nin bu er Chau cibai”, “Lu er Cibai”.. and so on. Please ask your friends around you what it means as I don’t think it is approriate to explain it here.. This is really making me laughing non stop!!!@

Yet, Microsoft seems picked this word out of nowhere and hits the word Vagina in “Hokkien”. Well, this is seriously the joke of the day though. I wonder what Microsoft will do if they found out about this.. 😛

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  • MalaysianLinguistics

    Thats stretching it abit. “Chee Bai” would be better. More pithy and natural. “Ci Bai” sounds like the damn thing has razor sharp edges or is thin and sickly. “Chee” gives a better feel for the thing. So no.

    Wait for LAN-JIAO, bound to happen sometime . . .

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