Second Wave Flood in Johor~

It keeps raining non-stop since last Wednesday and this causes second wave of flood in many places. Kluang and Kota Tinggi had suffered the most serious flood ever. My friend from Kota Tinggi told me the water level had raised to 12 feet level which is more serious than the first wave. 🙁


The latest news came out where lots of roads being closed due to the flood. 78,431 victims were placed in 315 relief centers and the numbers are increasing from time to time. The first wave had caused RM45million in infrastructure damage and now the second wave is causing a lot more since the flood now is much serious than the previous ones.

It was a miracle yesterday because there was no rain at all for the whole day. I think everyone was relieved thinking that the rain had finally stopped and clear weather will come after that. Unfortunately, its raining again now. Roads are filled with holes and hill slides are collapsing ever since the rain started. What a tragic moment for the Johorians.

What can we do about this? We should spare some money and donate to those victims as they really need it. The weather forecast said that the rain should stop by today. Hopefully its true and tomorrow will be a brighter day~ God bless us all!~

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