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Sony Ericsson upcomings.. 3GSM phones~

Sony Ericsson have 5 upcoming phone model in this 3GSM World Congress. Of course all of them are 3G phones. They are M600, P990, J100, K610 and W950. I’ll write about 3 of the 5 phones here.


The W950i Walkman® is a slim and stylish mobile phone with an advanced digital music player and large touchscreen for optimal ease of use. Using the W950i is easy. The keypad of the slim W950i is smooth and flush with the surface, and the dedicated music player keys and other controls have one-press-to-open functionality. You can also transfer hours of your favourite music from your PC to your phone quickly and easily. The W950i has an impressive 4GB of flash memory.3G makes surfing the Web on the go a fast and satisfying experience. The Opera™ 8.0 Web browser gives you the internet browsing experience you’re used to and you have everywhere access to your favourite websites.

Basically its a Walkman Phone series but the memory is impresive! 4GB of flash memory! I wonder how many songs you can save inside.. 2000 maybe? Now who wana buy a Ipod Nano? haha.. The only thing that disappoint me is.. where is the CAMERA?? This phone has no camera function at all which means you can’t have video calls with other friends.. hmm.. If they come up with a 3MP camera inside I think it’ll be out of stock within a week.. lol.


M600i has all you need to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in every way, every day. It gives you secure push e-mail, Internet and company intranet access. And when you’re browsing the Web with your M600i, you can still make and take calls. M600i is a true 3G multitasking device. Send and receive e-mail, edit and re-send attachments and, if a compatible printer is nearby, you can print attached documents.

Touchscreen navigation is intuitive. Tap any function icon on the M600i desktop to open an application.

M600i is a Symbian OS device. This makes it possible to add applications and useful tools to your phone including navigation, travel and organizer enhancements.

This one I think is more to Smartphones. The keypads enable you to type messages and emails in just a click.. haha.. Same thing, no CAMERA as well. SE trying to drop camera off their phone series is it? I wonder…


A small and slim 3G phone with all you need to communicate with high-speed messaging and quality voice and video calling – the K610i. Enjoy entertaining multimedia services and a fast and satisfying mobile internet experience with the Sony Ericsson K610i. It has push email to let you stay on top of incoming email, and PC synchronisation to keep your contacts and in-phone calendar up-to-date.Discreetly built into the back of K610i is a 2-megapixel digital camera. Pictures taken with the K610i are pictures to be proud of. You can save them and send them straight to your blog . With the K610i, you can also enjoy your favourite music wherever you go. Enjoy full-length music videos and download new songs to your phone. Anytime, anywhere.

This one not bad. The K series phones are always slim and small. With a 2.0MP camera, this 3G phone might suits everyone. Its not a Walkman phone though so I don’t think can store a lot of songs inside. The color, well the silky black color on the official website is much nicer.

More photos and info here.

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