Tyre Alignment~

Normally people only spend around RM30 to fix their car’s tyre alignment. For me on the other hand, I always have to spend a lot more for it. Today I went to fix the alignment for my car as the tyres are misaligned. The car is steering to the left while I’m driving on a straight road. And so I went to the shop, asked the workers to check for me. As predicted, the camber had some problem again. As what he said, the positions of the tyres are like this “/ \”, while they are suppose to be straight. Sigh.. I know it’ll cost me a lot after all. Since he need to adjust a lot at the rear there he asked me to install this a strut bar for the rear shaft there. Costs me RM50 for this while I can maybe buy a lot cheaper at Brothers.. lol.. Nah.. I’m already quite fed up about the car alignment long time ago because I had a lot of problems from it. If he really wana earn commision from it just let him as long as he can fix the car.

This is how the strut bar looks like. The function of it? I guess is strengthen the position of the arms~ I don’t know the exact words for it. All I know its good for stablizing the car while cornering, and also good for long journeys as it can prevent the misalignments. I wonder how long can this piece of steel can last anyway..

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