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WordPress Plugin – How to Submit Blog Posts to Facebook Automatically~

app_1_3353257731_3222With the emerging users in Facebook nowadays, it is a good way to increase your blog traffic by submitting your blog posts on your facebook wall. But isn’t it a bit fuzzy if you need to submit manually every time you update a new blog post? Here’s a good WordPress plugin that can help you to submit your blog posts to Facebook automatically every time you update – WordBook.

How Wordbook works

  • Wordbook will post an excerpt of the post along with a few images detected on the post automatically.
  • Wordbook will post it on your Facebook Wall so your friends can see it easily on their news feed area and they will be able to comment on it straight on your wall.
  • Wordbook automatically submits the post to your Facebook wall every time a new blog post is published even if you use post scheduling.

Installing Wordbook on WordPress

  1. Go to your WordPress Administration Control Panel – Plugins – Add New
  2. Search for Wordbook and you will find 2 plugins with the same name.
  3. wordbook plugin

    Install the one with the author name “Robert Tsai”.

  4. Once installed, activate the plugin
  5. Once activated, go to settings – Wordbook to setup Wordbook
  6. Click on the Facebook padlock button to generate the one-time code.
  7. setup1

  8. You will be diverted to Facebook apps page. Just follow the instructions.
  9. wordbook access

  10. Key in the login code generated in your Wordbook setup page. Then you will need to click on the second Facebook padlock button to authorize Wordbook to publish stories to your Facebook news feed.
  11. wb setup2

  12. That’s it! Make sure there’s no more facebook padlock button in the Wordbook setup page and you are good to go! Just try make a new post on your blog and you will see a similar post as below in your facebook news feed. Woohoo!~
  13. facebook feed

P.S: I’ve seen some comments complaining on the facebook one-time setup is not working. You might need to setup again constantly every time you submit a new post. Do you face this problem?
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