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After months of waiting and interviewing, I finally found a job at one of the Telco company in Malaysia. What position? I’m now working as a technical support engineer. I have to work on shift just to support the system to be working 24/7.

Shift work might be quite tiring, due to long hours of work and lack of sleep. The working shift is 12 hours long, but off days are much more compared to normal working hours. The allowance and salary can be considered quite high if compared to other fresh graduates. So why not just put some effort and get through it right?

Lots of things that I need to do actually. Checking the trouble tickets, handling complains, troubleshooting the problems, monitoring the system network and so on. After just 1 week of work, I’ve been called back on site to support, even on Sunday, due to some server down problems which is caused by power tripped at datacenter. And these few days the problems just keep on coming. Wrong timing of joining this company I suppose 😆 Normally there won’t be so many problems pop up. But to be on the bright side, I learnt more about the work much faster and easier.

My friend and I just found a place to stay. Hopefully I can settle down in 3 weeks time and have streamyx installed asap. By then, I can work on my blog whenever I’m having off days! Heheh.. Nothing much to think of now, just focus on my career path and hold on 🙂

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