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Holiday in Penang Island~


Last Saturday, my family and I went to Penang for a holiday to find my 2nd sister who is staying there. That morning, my parents and I went to Bidor to wait for my 3rd sister and her boyfriend to go to Penang together. My eldest sister didn’t follow us for the holiday though, or else it would be a complete family gathering. There’s nothing much can be said of Penang, except GREAT FOOD and BEACH ;). Our mission was to eat every great food that we can find, and have fun enjoying our holiday. What did we eat? A lot of food actually: Laksa, Prawn mee, Cendol, “fried oyster”? , Char Kuey Teow, “Sotong with vegetables” and a lot more.

I didn’t take any photos of the food though, because the weather was freaking hot in Penang. It was so hot until we went to the new shopping centre, Queensbay Mall to cool us down after buying some things at Penang Road. The weather was not really good though, because it rained like cats and dogs when we went to Queensbay Mall. In the evening, everyone of us went to Gurney Drive to eat and eat and eat again. I was the unlucky one, because I have to queue for half an hour just to get a plate of so called FAMOUS “fried oyster” 😆 .

The next day, we decided to go to some tourist spots – The Beach at Batu Feringgi~! We didn’t plan to swim at the sea so we just went there to walk around, and took some photos at the Park Royal Hotel.

IMG 1749

This is my 3rd sister and my mom.

IMG 1753

The beach. Eventhough it was around 12pm, there were still a lot of people there riding horses, sitting the banana boat and all sorts of beach activities. One word to describe these people though – INSANE 😆

IMG 1754

That’s my 2nd sister who is working at Penang. I’m the tallest one in the family heheh :mrgreen: Those sisters never took off their sunglasses when we went to the beach..

IMG 1755

After walking around at the beach, we went to have Thai food recommended by my 2nd sister. That was really delicious! We started our journey back from Penang at 4pm and guess what? We manage to reach Bidor 4 hours plus after that. Why? I don’t really understand. It was super jam at the north south highway and there were too many people went for holiday in Penang I suppose. We took half an hour just to cross the Penang bridge. It was 8.30pm when we reached Bidor and we reached Teluk Intan at 10pm after dinner there. Pity my 3rd sister and her boyfriend… They only manage to reach back to their house in PJ at 1.30am. The journey was suppose to be around 1 hour plus from Bidor to KL but it took them 4 hours to reach home. Talk about public holidays huh?

What’s the moral story of this? Don’t go anywhere for holiday on public holidays, or what you’ll get is only TRAFFIC JAM!!! EVEN ON THE HIGHWAY!!!!!!!!!! 😆

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