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Its Lampe Berger again~

Its the old topic again~ Lampe Berger, the lamp that burns essential oils.. lol. Well it seems that my post in my old blog is getting a lot of attention from the internet. I received a reply from the author of the Anti Lampe Berger blog. The blog really contains a lot of information on Lampe Berger marketing plans. I’m not accusing that its a bad company or whatsoever, just their marketing plans. There’s a lot of arguements on Lampe Berger itself from its own members. Many of them who are newbies felt being scammed because they can’t find downlines. Its a MLM business, people who joined should have considered about it before joining. A net friend told me that his friend is being sued by his downline because his downline can’t find any downlines at all.

Why did I bring this up again? Few weeks ago my friend asked me to go for a business opportunities talk. Sounds fishy right? Whenever I heard about these talks, I’ll just reject it because it’ll just be some MLM business thingy. So after asking about the exact company for the talk for a few minutes, the answer revealed. Its LB again. Half a year ago my gf was brought into it, and now its my turn. The business is really growing fast. Now its in JB already. And so I did my part, reject reject and reject, and finally my friend gave up. The business is just like this, if you keep on forcing people to join, you’ll lose a friend. If not, friends always.. hehe..

Basically, you’ll need to pay RM2345 to join as a member or Franchisee. 2345.. what a great number to memorise. After you get 5 downlines, you’ll become Baron. Then after you have 3 Barons under you, you become Count. Most recruiters will ask you to pay up RM37,500 just to skip those steps and become Count immediately. Its RM37k, NO JOKE! Then you’ll become marquis.. duke… and arch duke.. zzz. A paragraph I took from antiLB blog here.

Arch Duke

1. Has developed five 1st generation sponsored Dukes, and has lodged a Challenge for Arch Duke with the company. The Challenge takes effect the following month
2. Has accumulated a total group sales of 400,000,000PV or RM50,000,000 in 3 consecutive months and

3. Promotion to Arch Duke will only take effect the following month after qualification.

• Rewards-retailing profit-42%.
• Count Generation Bonus for a maximum of 6 generations:5%, 3%, 2%, 1.5%,1%,1% i.e. giving a total of 13.5%.
• Marquis Personal Group Bonus of 2% on all groups’ sales generated by downline Counts.
• Marquis Generation Bonus of a total 6% (based on total group points generated by downline Marquis for a maximum of 6 generations).
• Duke Generation Bonus of a total 2% (base on total group points generated by donwline Dukes for a maximum 6 generations).
• Marquis Asia Profit Sharing of a total 1.5% (based on total group points generated by downline Marquis for a maximum of 6 generations, and paid half yearly).
• Duke Asia Profit Sharing of a total 1% (based on total group points generated by downline Duke for a maximum of 6 generations,and paid half yearly).
• Arch Duke Asia Profit Sharing of a total 1% (based on total group points generated by downline Arch Duke for a maximum of 6 generations, and paid half-yearly).
• Will be awarded a Arch Duke Pin.

That’s the highest position of all where most of the members been DREAMING of. RM50 million of sales to get to this position. How many of them who succeeded getting this position? I think its less than 5. During CNY, there’s bunch of people trying to recruit members in my hometown which one of them is my friend. They were all in the Count position where they paid RM37,500 for it. Sick isn’t it? All of them are just around my age. Youngsters nowadays just want to get rich fast.. including myself actually.. lol. But my opinion is, it depends on how are you going to run the business. Maybe you’ll really get rich with all your efforts then, great work for you~ But for me, its just a NO NO…

anti LB
Nice logo~! Should make a sticker and stick it at my car mirror.. lol

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  • daren

    Dear DaReDeviL,

    This is a very good info dude.. Glad you post something usefull like this for us to avoid. I never know they do such thing.. I’ve been using this Lampe Berger when I was in Uni. Its very good to keep me awake all night and for consentration on my study ( and to clear the “unpleasent odors” in my room ;p) My sister bought it for me, so never know about this MLM thingy.

    Oh, for other lampe burger users, dont burn it in the bus or offices…thats just show off! and not everyone like the smells (Seriously!)

  • LB

    Hi Meng Hua,

    Dont you scare of being killed after posting such a ‘ridiculous’ remarks on LB? Well, i am not siding any sides here… but the results are well proven. Many successfuly person out there.

  • ^||DaReDeviL||^

    hi LB, which sentence did you think its ridiculous then? let me know about it. I’m just talking about the professionalism of those recruiters of LB. Not all. I did know people that are successful in LB, but if anyone wana KILL me because of what i’m saying here, how SUCCESSFUL is that gona be? think about it then. What i’m talking about here is just my experiences, and all the facts here are taken from their official site. If i’m getting killed because of my personal experiences, lots of them out there are waiting to be killed as well.

  • Black Steed Rider


    LB’s product is ok, although actually i highly DOUBT it’s as good as what DCHL claimed it to be. heck, DCHL is NOT the only one selling “aromatherapy” products do they? (strange, LB in france, europe and US does not label itself to be aromatherapy, but merely fragrance!)

    i do use aromatherapy products myself, but no, it’s not LB, and yes, i still benefit from it. plus it’s friggin’ way cheaper too!

    frankly it’s just the act of many unscrupulous agents who con around that makes it annoying… many newbie who joined got burned… and they got conned by these bad uplines. sadly most of them ARE bad.

    just look at all the fcuks in menghua’s old blogspot entry. man, my eyes are blurred! ok, time to go sniff some lavender to clear my head!

  • karen

    Say no to LB!

    I dont understand why all those LB supporters got 2b so furious about this blog? Freedom of speech people! its just opinions,something u ,me ,he, she can speak watever we like. There is no need to kill!
    I really have no symphaties for people who had joined LB! No matter what u do rite now,nothing will get into their mind.Greed and illusions of making plently of money had blinded their eyes. Plllssssss, give them 1 year,2 years, with no income coming in, they will wake up somehow. For people who want to join LB, use ur own money! dont go borrow from ur parents, ur friends, ur bfs, ur gfs!Its better for a person to suffer later than people who really care for u to suffer. I see too many couples split up bcoz d other one doesnt wana join. “If u really love me, u will support me, join in ,im doing this for our future!” PLZZZZ…so pathetic,if ur other half said this to u, u r better off without him or her. and pls, for those who have joined, dont convince ur family members to join too, by doing so, u r just earning money from ur own family. If u really have d guts n potential, go n convince others who r not related to join u,LB is so fantastic, im sure many r just dying to join u guys. N pls, the slogan “By u just joining LB, i am helping u to make money”. Plzzzz, u r just helping urself ok! and further, d LB company itself which have functions by bringing in other LB talker from Hong Kong who said malaysia LB is too slow n tat they can do a better job etc etc, plsss…anyone also can c tat this is arrange by LB itself to downgrade u all so tat u can go out n find more victims to join LB.
    The only thing which impresses me so far is the LB company itself. It really milked in a lot of money from these people and the ironic thing is that it doesnt give salary to these people but it got an army of people fighting for it. How i wish i own a company like this ,using brain-washing methods (classes & lectures, functions) to get this people to work 4me wihtout me paying them. Muahaha!

  • thomas

    I nearly joined LB but thank god i researched the website first. Reading all these blogs, i realised that LB is too good to be true. The theories it set out seems so reasonable but in actual fact, its not practical. I nearly dumped in $30 over thousand! In those LB functions i attended, they kept telling me positive thinkings! positive altitude! If i keep having positive altitude, i will achieve it. But thank god, these blogs made me stop and without outside influence, i thought for once by myself. Its not wrong to have negative thinking because hello, this is life after all, bad things do happen. Its good to have positive thinking but i should think of the worst case senario if this doesnt work out. I would be stranded without money, nearly borrowed from my family to invest in this business. Without monthly income, I wouldnt be able pay off my monthly bills. It make me realize that LB is an illusion. Yes, some people do success but majority doesnt. It all comes do in a word: GREED. If people stop being greedy, most victims wouldnt fall into the traps set by conmen.

  • madame_prestige

    This is indeed an interesting blog. The administrator need to be thanked as this blog really plays an important role (to enlighten them) to those unfateful people (or interested candidates) who got ‘cheated’, ‘conned’, ‘brainwashed’, ‘deceived’, ‘ripped off’, ‘sweet talked’, ‘swindled’, etc… There are so many words and ways to describe it.

    People are cajoled into joining the business everyday. At the moment, many youngsters who are naive and blinded by materialistic dreams are being pulled into this pool of drastic temptations. It’s all about MONEY? Is that not the main attraction of the business?

    When we talk about naivety, it can be anyone. Even if he is well into the maturity age, he can also be led astray by evil and unwanted desires. I’ve met and seen people who are or were doing well until they got hooked up into the business. Now, some are suffering miserably and are running amok from one place to another place trying to hide themselves from their creditors; in some cases, the Ah Longs’.

    However, the ever loyal LB citizens have their own opinion with regard to the business – “People who failed in this business have to bear their own consequences because they CHOSE to give up and it is ALL their faults and in the event they do, DO NOT blame the company, partners or anything related to the business.” –

    This is what i would call ‘bare denial’. They are only interested in money; people who can be their slave earning money for them; people who can be controlled like a puppet and indeed being a useful instrument to them and people who they can take advantage and cast them aside once they achieved their goals.

    I’ve been fortunate to meet a friend who was lured into the business by the charms of a guy. Yes, the usual stuffs did actually happened. He wooed her with sweet words, make her on cloud nine and indirectly making her curious about the business and a poser himself, acted like a true and smart gentleman all the time until she ‘willingly’ invested, not once but twice. (Note: I understand this is one of the many tactics these people will launch on prospected targets/piggies)

    The sad thing was, she truly did develop an interest in the business until one sunny day, they broke up. The rest of the story, well, boys and girls, need i say more?

    I am sure anyone in this world desires money as it is an important instrument in one’s life. However, a sensible person who truly understands that this is a dog-eat-dog world will surely try to resist such temptations. The least they could do was to understand the nature of such business.

    I cannot deny the reality that some people are making big bucks in this business. That just shows how people can be deceived easily when they are only small minorities who actually made it to the top.

    Most of the so-called “making-lots-of-money” are hypocrites. I have the ‘honour’ of knowing one. Thinking of his actions and the conversations we had makes me despise him day after day.

    As far as i know, he is owing my girl-friend some money, a lump of unpaid debts with other friends of hers and im sure, he has credit card debts to clear too. Yet, he still approaches people who are closest to these debtors. He has the every nerve to boast of his success and making so much money that he enjoys his ‘luxurious’ life. Oh, please, have some dignity? IF, as he is claiming, why not clear all his friends’ debts and get on with his life respectably?

    A person has to got some respects for himself first in order to gain other people’s respects. Therefore, his social status and reputation is no longer worthy.

    Further, this business has no more standing in Malaysia. The latest news i got; that LB is concentrating in Philippines market. This will continue for another year or two, before you know it, no one will know what LB is.

    I’ve read numerous news, mostly in the Chinese press that LB has been conning youngsters and now they are barred to invest as Counts unless with the approvals of their beloved parents or reach the legitimate age of 21 years.

    Why is there such a policy now? Is it due to the scams going around in the colleges? Varsities? Or finally, students are no longer an easy targets after parents interferences came into force? Is there a definite answer?

    In this global, many wonderful opportunities are out for grabbing’. All you need to do is cherish the given opportunities and if given a chance, venture into it rationally. Everything happens for a reason. If so many people are claiming they are making money, then they have to try acting much harder to prove it real and hard and not just mere puffs of nonsense.

  • LB consumer

    I’m not a DCHL member, but I’m a consumer of their products, I’m not going to judge the marketing plan or the busniess, coz it’s none of my business. The products on the other hand, IS as good as what DCHL said [my friend and I researched about it in France]. It is a National Icon of France [sth like malaysian’s Royal Selangor]. Same goes to Estebel and their new product EP. All these products ARE from France [i went to the factories before], seriously, they are really good, try researching about it. It’s worth your money to buy and consume. As for business wise, I don’t really care, I do have an account under my friend, but the account is just to buy products. AND please, for others out there, doing busniess MLM way doesn’t mean their products sucks. Its just a way to market their products. Business marketing students should know. I’m a businessman myself, network marketing is just an industry/business, I do have friends who are in DCHL. Some are successful, some are not, it depends on individual. Even Robert Kiyosaki, suggested to young people who wants to start a business, start with network marketing because it teaches you how to do business and at the same time make your own capital. I’m lucky I have my father to lend me 2 mil to open my business.

  • Lb consumer

    Oh btw, to correct your info a bit. There’s a position called Grand Duke after Arch Duke. The reason it is not in the marketing plan is because no one has acheived that yet. As for the question how many Arch Duke are there, in HK there is 5 including the 1st, Steven Yeam. For the other 9 countries, I’m not sure.

  • farid

    Dear people. I would like to share something from my point of view. We are all been made in this with world with different capabilities and skills. That’s why we can see some people are well in their lifestyle and career. But not all achieve the same in life. Do you agree with the fact. Now let me tell you all something ,do you agree that we are pursuing our studies in order to get a better life in future? It’s that a promising fact on it. Do you see what’s going on in nowadays
    economies. Lots of graduate with no job. Knowing nothing to do only have mind with full of theory. Can we earn a good life or achieve our dream with doing nothing at all. That’s bullshit right?. I am also a graduate with years of experience in works. Still hard to survive in this world . what exactly that we understand about MLM. Is it only the definition. If you study more about the approach it’s actually been use in most of the company such as banking and financial industry, marketing industry and others. Lets see MLM, the higher level you are the bigger you earn. So in a company the higher ranking you are the higher you earn, right?.

    1) for student :- To achieve a high ranking position you must have higher qualification right? So how many people ( parents) invest on you to studied. If you failed your study you didn’t study hard right? Implied the same to MLM no matter how much you invest you must work hard to success . do you think you have put all of your effort? If yes then you pass your study, and if yes you achieve
    higher earning (MLM).
    – thank god some student eagerly do this MLM because they know how to repay others.most of the student actually enjoying their life in campus and put only small effort on studying. Yes you can graduate but with the help of ( toyol) ( for some student). Any promising job? Depends?.
    – So don’t band those student doing MLM while studying because the gain the knowledge of life and skill of marketing from it. If they can graduate they are doing great in managing their life and time in studies.

    In life some of us was born with a silver spoon in a mouth. Does everybody are that damn lucky? Accept the fact not all. So there’s nothing wrong for people who want
    Struggle to achieve their dreams.

    Some fact in career cycle :-

    1) being an employer :-
    – we get our career based on our qualification. Our in come are fixed basis . for those who unlucky based on contract basis. Can we earn more? Only if we been promoted.
    – How many higher position are there in an organization. Limited right. Some people do a great job but not been promoted due to not been appreciate by the upper boss. Why? Simply because the boss don’t likes you personally. Some always been promoted even not doing a job well. Why? Always being a ‘yes boss’ person even if the thing actually non related ( personal) matter. This is actually the real deception. And it’s a fact in real work environment.
    – When a company decided to shrink. The lower level feel the impact more. With lower earning what else can you do.
    – In order for a company to strive the multi level marketing takes place. Higher level in marketing will push all down level to the limit. Even you are not in sales line , your whole career appraisal based on your sales. Isn’t it better if we stay in a sales double work.
    – For one self If 90% person of earning comes from doing business only 10% from being an employer. Which should you choose to put your all effort.
    – When sales achieve target who get the credit. Some company for the lower level your bonus are fixed. Your increment , that’s depend on your union to fight for it. Even if the company earn high yield for the year.
    – Don’t blame anyone. For that’s the life you have chosen and you don’t want to open up your mind for the bigger world.

    2) Opening up a business :-
    – great now you are opening up your mind for doing business. Do you have all that it takes to run a business.
    – Small business need small capital and so small earning. Big business need bigger capital and so bigger earning. Just like MLM.
    – do you have the knowledge from your narrow previous job routine to run a business. Do you easily get bigger finance for a bigger promising business. Network? Support? . can you started with high quality product imported with a small capital? Can you ought to do an exclusive promotion? Should you pay for courses to learn about business? Do you have thousand of friend to share about running a business?.
    – Not all of us are so lucky to have it all right?. Fact about running a business are not all business really success in the first 2-3 month open up. If unlucky we get that Bankruptcy Declaration.
    – Higher lobby needed for higher contract ? is it a fact. You judge it yourself.

    3) running MLM business :-
    – you can start with a fixed optional capital. Depends on how you look at the marketing system. No working paper needed . Same like studying , high invest for higher and better education. In business high capital for bigger deal.
    – No resume needed as your potential based on your effort and willingness.
    – Knowledge of marketing , management and others. Group of sharing knowledge. Courses provided on small amount based on sharing basis.
    – Multi national product, exclusive promotion , high profile office and systematic provided. Easy promotion based on potential. high insured of product provided.
    – So an MLM company also works just like a professional bodies with government approval.
    In conclusion there’s nothing wrong actually on building an MLM business.
    What important is your own effort faith on the company. Same like working in a company , you put your faith on it. The important thing is knowing the business and profile of the company. We can’t blame others if we not success on it for everything is provided . It is up to yourself on how much effort have you put on it. Judge on your own either you are capable to do it or not. The company provide everything so your task would be just the same as an insurance agent , unit trust agent and others by doing marketing for commission.
    Yes I do agree some of the ‘bad apple’ make the things worse. Its a fact in this world that they are everywhere in every line of business and also in workplace. This also implied in Direct selling world but the differences are the system on generating your income. Every market would create their own system to improve their sales.
    For those who really didn’t agree with me stop pursuing other people to destruction
    Rather than improvement for you are actually the worse.Those who are really can’t participate with the business I do hope you keep it up that way. For a good business needs a good partner. Manufacturing car business wont ask a farmer to be their partners board of director , that’s the analogy . for those with a principle ‘ belum cuba belum tau’ keep up with it.

    Good day. Let’s live in peace and healthy competition.

  • Anti LB

    not bad man..sell LB here..hahaha!!!
    sell to those who believe.. sell to those who wanna smell till die!
    If you said you are awake and very paid attention after smeeling tat crap! that is because u paid attention to the smell! hate the smell! and cant sleep!

  • count hafiz

    Good blog you have made here founder. And i apreciate it coz it showz that my market is still big here in Malaysia. Hahahahahahha…I’m quite aggree with you blaming that this dchl company is a very big pyramid scheme bullshit and all that stuff…hahaha but that was 8 months ago before i went and have a look at the bizness..As a profesiaonal person of cos, (coz i am an engineer b4).. any statement that we make must be fullfilled by evidance.. and in Islam also said, it only can be prooved f four pair of eyes had look at it, than u can make a statement..and for sure my friend, u haven’t go for a look either, it shows that you are not a person with friend, and for all those viewers out there, MLM is also a buisness, and for me i can say a career, yup it is tough to do, infact it is tougher than any bisness out there..if out there we can earn total income around half a million about a year of hard work, here you can earn it in only a month, so do think about the toughness also, you must have the effort of a year and compress it to a month? sounds crazy rite, tp berbaloi for those who have the desire, why not you join us in [email protected], but for those who don’t..dun try-try aa, u will loose your money..because [email protected] are only for those who is serious in making money..not earning money..c ya all!!


    and one more think i juz want to add..
    1.SYN have engage with to expand the biz.. the end of this year, SYN is oing to be in share market in BSKL..
    3.we are going to have our newest arch duke, and the 2nd from Malaysia..
    4.Yayasan nurjiwa have engage with dchl for charity effort..
    5.Twice had been in Malaysian Buisness Magazine.
    6.Opening our office in India and Korea. (i’m going to be there in India..hehehe)
    7.More Malay Marquis have been born.
    8.8years in Malaysia with only 80,000 partners, waaa Malaysia have 20Million people



    u ROCKY..if they dun join the biz aa, they will by the product maa, the PV is still for me, hahahahahahahahha..understand the biz first, than u judge, fuck me? i’m a man maa, how come? =)

  • i wonder

    well basically i think those who reject the buisness just think in a box,suite u cause ur not earning money,respect,satisfaction of improvement(everyone is looking for it,for example doing something and u got a sucess)and many shining things u can get in the buisness.
    wheter or not u like it this buisness will go on.more and more people is looking in the buisness even the famous LV brought the share from LB.complian about MLM this and that Because u bunch of people never understand what it’s about.BILL GATES is talking about it.DONALD TRUP is talking about it,ROBERT T.K is talking about it,THE WHOLE WORLD IS talking about it and U ARE TALKING ABOUT IT BUT IN A NEGATIF WAY(how silly,CAUSE IF UR BETTER THEN THEM THE EARN MORE THEN THEM IF NOT SHUT UP MAN)BESIDE MLM BUISNESS IS JUST LIKE OUR BELIVE SOME PEOPLE BELIVE IN JESUS,BUDDHA and ISLAM,U HATE EITHER ONE OF THEM BECAUSE THE PEOPLE GIVING U THE TALK ABOUT IT,IS NOT USING THE RTE WAY It’s JUST THE SAME WITH MLM.
    I’m 20 old BUT i’m thinking is much more mature then u bunch of moron.when are u gona start looking?GROW UP MAN.seriously IT’s SUCH A SHAME FOR PEOPLE who dont wan the join the buisness but wana talk rubish about it.

  • ameen

    i wonder,

    can you provide any any proof regarding your claim ? bill gates..trump etc.
    I’m just asking because every time new MLM came along, they used those names.. i know for a fact that koyosaki is soooo over used.

  • invest0z

    I meet a lot of people daily as part of my job. Lampe berger is one of the company that is getting popular in JB. I know few of my friends who have invested in LB. To my knowledge only one are currently successfull (Marquis) and 2 gave up after losing 30K ++ , 2 gave up after pressurized to get financial assitance (loan) from bank, 3 idle waiting for someone to help.

    Obviously, it is not a good ratio. Security commission does not encourage investor to apply loan for investment. If the investor persist then they are allowed to apply for only 67% of the amount required. 33% will be from the investor pocket.

    As I mentioned earlier, this act is not encouraged by SC. WHY? because investment is always not 100% guaranteed. To my suprise, the investor are forced to join as Count and loan will be arranged by LB thru a bank. The funny thing is one of my friend went to the meeting twice in wisma Pelangi and he was earlier requested to join as count but he denied than in the second meeting he was requested to join as a member only. When he asked why they reduced the price then they told him that this is customized to JB investor. What a answer?? double standard!!


  • Arndt

    I’m not sure about the posts… I only know that I’ve never had problems with LB. I just buy the products I need and sell them again. So what?
    The lamps are good, making exactly, what they have to do. Never heard about such marketing things before…

  • anne

    i agree with count hafiz and farid. why everyone talk ’bout LB? LB just a product. Our company is DCHL. LB, EB , EP and also our 6 star Spa are the best. i’m wonder, why not u talk bout other MLM? Ohhhhhhhhhh they not so famous like DCHL kan…..
    and i beleive, all partner never force new investor to invest in Count position. We just showed the benefit of it and it depend to the investor either to take it or not.

  • IPTA_student

    Dear IPTA students,

    I’m writing on behalf of the parents who wish to send their children to IPTA IS TO STUDY, & NOT DO LB

    For your informations, I’d met with many SYN member and I’d been to the room of the member who INVESTED RM30,+++. You know what I see The STUPID LAMPs are all around ! Let me ask you all, if Lampe Berger “REALLY REALLY GREAT, FANTASTIC, YES!”, then why this member couldn’t sell even one of his products?

    A businessman/woman will only sell products in the market if the products is really good. As a result, that member has to struggle, work part time for his life expenses.

    Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

    Parents kite kerje susah payah, simpan duit kat bank, EPF, SOKSO etc utk siape? Utk masa mrk tua nanti la, ataupun antar anak-anak ke IPTA. Tapi, manu tau pulak ada SCAM kat IPTA. SYN pulak ajar mrk balik utk TIPU DUIT SIMPANAN ayah/mak mrk.


    SEMOGA Google Page Rank website ini selalu TOP

  • count Mohamad Hafiz Bin Dziauddin

    another looser in the house..
    bro every biz,not everyone will success..
    hasil sumber alam dan kekayaan di malaysia ni,
    cuma 0.007% je org kat malaysia ni yg rasa,
    x plak ko kecohkan..
    samala kat sini..
    in MLM industries, only 5% of the distributors..
    will gain the success..
    so what?
    aku nak jadi yg 5% tu..
    aku tak nak jadi looser2 ni..
    kesian aku tgk korg..
    ramai2 kutuk LB beb..
    sbb aku rasa lg ramai pengutuk..
    lg kuat kita kat Malaysia nih..
    n most important, we r d best MLM in Malaysia..

  • Chaosis

    forgive my ignorance count Mohamad Hafiz Bin Dziauddin… is a count in the top 5% in the scheme of LB? 5% making money off 95% of the members sounds like a pyramid scheme to me. 5% stepping on 95% to make a living… are you stepping on those 95% or are you part of that 95% that is being stepped on? The only reason I see why MLM needs to grow is so that more 5% can step on even more 95%.

    MLM or LB is one of many means to succeed in life. I read somewhere 5% of the people will succeed in life and be financially secure. Seems no better off from the MLM schemes. So if it is the same, why bother? If someone does not go MLM or LB, does that make anyone a looser? The only looser I see is one that is not humble.

  • neutral

    Firstly i’m not siding anyone. I’m just stating my opinion. MLM is one way for people to make money, in fact one of the best. Don’t be totally skeptical and ignorant. The world is big, there are PLENTY of opportunities everywhere, be it MLM, business, work bla bla bla, just apply the 5% populations’ mindset by observing and listening with an open mind, then use the brain n body to take action. God gave us 2 eyes, 2 ears, ONE mouth and a powerful brain for a reason. Just my 2 cents worth. Cheers.

  • zoe

    🙄 everybody had their own opinion, and we believe that our opinion is the truth, the best and what so ever.

    For me, whoever want to join this business must have very2 strong passion to be successful, strong heart, positive thinking, and of course modal.Don’t blame others if u failed in this business, its more likely u gave up too soon. Or you want to become rich faster, but no effort at all to fulfill your dreams. Sacrifice is a must.

    But, we look at different view, for the lb members, even though this biz is good and can make you rich, but plan who do you want to recruit as a down line. Don’t simply pick people who doesn’t have much money-miskin. if you really want to invite to join, u must be very sincere to help them, not being pushy like some kind of ah long. Sell your Fairy Tale Story to them, It works but only a few will join. Change strategy man…. Go to a high level networking. Rich people definitely will invest or join if you can convince the value of this product n company. The number of your enemy will reduce. U will be richer and successful. Adios Amigos.

  • pian

    i’m not an anti neither supporter.
    i just fancy to share my thoughts and question that pops up in my mind several times.

    i have a very close friend who’s in lampe berger. and i’ve been observing the business partners. most of them are bankers who are busy applying credit cards for other members. as well as loans.

    just a thought. it’s good for those who works as bankers, as they will earn commission out of the cards, but i see no beneficial impact for those non-bankers and the ‘financial challenged’ i’d say.

    the members are pursuing they’re dreams and wealthiness by applying loans and credit cards just to pursue someone else’s business. what i see is that they could’ve done all that to open up their own perhaps and go through the same impact for their very own business / company.

    and i’m aware that lampe berger is well known, even if i haven’t heard of it before. but i’ve also noticed that the business is only in 9 countries by referring to the dchl website.

    i also have a french friend and have asked him regards of the business and how well are they doing over there. how come they’ve never heard of such business from where the lampe berger originates? they’ve told me that lampe berger is merely an aromatherapic lamp that fumes the room. it works the same as all other aromatherapic oil essentials and other aromatherapic materials.

    i’ve also asked my other friend in the uk as well, they’ve never heard of this business.

    i’ve popped out the questions to them is because their countries are based on a strong economic country. not be bias as this is a fact. and their countries have not known of such business.

    i’d appreciate answers. 🙂

  • Robin

    Anyone heard the news that RZ Corporation’s license has not been renewed effective 1/8/2008. The ministry of Domestic trade & consumer affairs is not allowing them to get the license…There is case going on. Hundreds of complaints from members and outsiders it seems. Pls check at

    I agree with Pian… many europeans haven’t heard of Lampe berger as claimed otherwise by DCHL & SYN… I was surprised to meet some french people and they say they don’t fancy it n they have hundereds of products like that in their country…. well knowing france about its perfumes n colognes its not a surprise.

    lampe berger is a good product since I use it personally but ppl should stop idolising it and stop putting down people for not using it or appreciating the business. Everyone has a choice….

  • me_count

    buat semua partner2 lb kat dalam forum ni.
    aku pun partner gak…nak dkt setahun dah..
    and acc aku still active. tapi aku dah x aktif buat bisnes ni.. aku count.. why?
    aku setuju aper yang korang cakap…bisnes kiter mmg bagus sgt2.. btul la.. klu duk diam maner nak dapat hasil… dah nama pun bisnes kna la ader modal… org lain x nampak…
    tapi pernah tak korang pk aper yg buat org band sgt dengan bisnes ni? sebab org2 kat dalam lb..bukan bisnes.. product mmg bgs.. untuk org yang kater mahal, klu korang join n ikut sistem btul2 x mustahil akan dapat beli…
    tapi masalahnyer majoriti partner ni terlupa pasal agama. korang marah bile org luar kater kiter bongkak. tapi cube baca balik majoriti ayat-ayat partner dalam ni. rendah2kan org lain.. salah ker aper yg diorang ckp…
    aku suka bisnes ni tapi aku buat keputusan tarik diri sebab dah xsanggup nak rasa panas dalam ofis tu.. solat tah ke mana. yg perempuan smoke depan umum.. salam tangan.. cakap pun kdg2 kasar.. mmg la nak tunjuk spirit tapi mcm tu ke cara yang betul…
    ramai yg kater aku bodoh tarik diri sebab dah letak modal banyak. tapi pada aku apa gna aku kaya tapi awal-awal lagi aku dah nampak tempat dalam neraka.
    mmg la kubur kiter lain2. tapi aku dah xsanggup nak tanggung dosa bersama. dosa aku pun xtertanggung. semangat partner2 lb mmg kuat.. bgs… tapi apa salahnyer korang kejar akhirat samer..tiap kali waktu solat pegi solat jemaah.. kan tu lebih pun akan tertarik… bukan dgn cara meninggi diri..
    tiap kali pegi event aku dgr aper yg steven yim pesan xsama dgn aper yang partner2 buat. kdg2 dia pun marah… sdr x kiter sebnarnyer dah lari dr niat asal. kiter dah jadi org yg nak cpt kaya.. xpeduli hal lain.. agama, perasaan org…
    aper yg buat aku terkilan sgt… kawan baik aku yg ajak buat bisnes ni… masa mula2 tanya dia kater dah dpt balik modal, dah ramai downline… aku pun percaya sgt kat dia… bile dah join br tau habuk pun xde.. tapi aku xpnah marah die.. aku buat sebab aku yg nak buat.. tapi lamer2 aku jd xsedap sbb cr die n cara team yg xhirau agama ni buat aku byk ilang kwn… semua nak join tapi bile dtg ofis semua ilang sbb attitude. ader yg akan kater aku yg x pandai jg ni kan? xperla… tapi aku percaya setiap partner ada mslh ni tp xnak ngaku…
    tp aku akui xsumer partner mcm ni… ader gak yg baik.. diorang yg by bg aku smgt.. maybe aku akan aktif balik tapi bkn sekarang.
    utk yg nak jin, anda dialu2 kan.. walaupun saya cerita yg negatif tp ada kebaikan.. ramai lagi insan2 yg baik yg boleh tlg anda.. yg penting sebelum join, kuatkan semangat, kuatkan iman n sentiasa pgg pd agama..biar dapat sket2 dari dpt sekali byk tp xberkat..yg penting join sbb diri anda bukan kawan…saya pun baru cuba bisnes lain…
    amalkanla prinsip cuba sendiri br buat penilaian. mungkin saya xngam dgn lb tapi anda mungkin boleh. rezeki kita ALLAH je yg tau… jgn nilai sebelum btul2 alaminya.. jgn dgr ckp org lain atau saya.. tgk sendiri.
    kepada sesiapa yg marah atau terasa, kebenaran tu mmg menyakitkan…
    kepada yg dah berjaya tahniah.. bantulah rakan2 dgn ikhlas supaya rezeki kita sentiasa diberkati..

  • u_count

    ello me_count..
    cam knal je ayat2 sharing tu..
    korg mmg ada script yea..
    dulu kite sama2 buat biznes..
    sama2 sharing kan p masing2..
    n nak kata ko tak berjaya..
    income ko lg besar pada aku bro..
    knp ko ckp camtu..
    betul la ckp ko dulu..
    dlm biz ni la ko akan knal sapa kwn ko..
    ape yg ko ckp tu mengingatkan blk aku kat ko..
    sama ape yg ko ckp tu..
    bersyukur dgn ape yg ko dah dpt bro..
    n jgn salahkan org lain klau smua tu silap kite sendiri..
    bab agama biar yg ariff bgtau..
    kite di wajibkan bertanya..
    bkn kite kuar fatwa sendiri..
    ko plak buat binary system..
    yg terang2 akta jualan langsung haramkan..
    inikan plak agama..
    but no comment la from me..
    aku doakan ko berjaya..
    cuma pesan aku..
    jgn sebab duit, kite lupa siapa kite..
    agama suruh kite jd kaya..
    tp jgn salah guna kekayaan yg tuhan bg..
    selamat berjaya bro!!

    see u at the top!!!

    yeepie yea yea yea yeepie yea
    kami pilih syn sahaja
    siang jadi kenangan
    malam jadi impian
    cintaku semakin mendalam

    partners, lets do this!!!

  • eizry

    Greeting to all..
    If u 1 to joint, do make ur own research n evaluae ur own ability level. If ur passion to succes is high and ur dream is to be sucessful, no doubt u can achieve it easily. There r still plenty of good people who doing LB wthout lying to the others. Yep I am 1 of the LB distributors. If u r interested but confused do e-mail me 8 [email protected]. If u r die hard anti LB, guys u r also invited to send e-mail to me. S 4 me, it is all about perception. Y b a loser? (LOSER s 4 me are 1st) people who didnt hav any aim and do nothing to help himself to achieve his goal + 2nd)saying bad about the others n never learn from mistake + 3rd) create scape goat n easily blaming d others) Eat well, Live well. With many regards to all.

  • MLM networker

    I’M MLM NETWORKER! choosing the best MLM company required 5 CRITERIAs to be successful like me now!

    1. An establish Company, international company, at least 20 yrs n above to show the stability n responsiility of that MLM company to their distributors. Hv own factory n science n R&D to develope a good quality products!A responsible FOUNDER counts for everything!

    2. Wide range of products. can b consumed by everyone including baby, pregnant woman, man, woman, elderly etc… Products r poven safe n effective! the uniqueness of the product!

    3. A fair n square marketing plan! joinin as member only cost u not more than RM100 n wif o without buyin any product. If requested to buy product first then can b member automatically, that is SCAM! if requested to fok up RM1000++, then their upline earn bonus frm joinin member instead of selling products! that is EVIL “head-hunting” marketing plan.

    4. Market. Product not limited by race, gender, age n so on. everyone can consume it safely!

    5. Education. A good n responsible MLM company will educate thier distributor n consummer wif a proven cience n really helpin ppl n bring back their health!

    Trust me! I’m doing a company fulfilled all the criteria i mentioned above! I’m not criticising any MLM company here, each MLM company wil hav their own weakness n strong points…but to me…only those company which can fulfil above criteria then we can success more easily! good luck everyone…”A right choice is more important than working hard”

    If interested, leave ur email pls, i wil contact u, thanks!

  • MLM networker

    To mlm_networker_tipu…
    i admit tat my English not that good, I’m chinese speaking..pls forgive me!

    hope u understand the 5 criterias!
    i dont knw ur passed history, probably some “bullshit” MLM company TIPU u b4, pls, If u understand the real concept behind MLM then u will knw how powerful the MULTIPLICATION of MLM!

    Choice is on yr own hand, if ur life now is not wat u want, better do some changes.

    thanks for ur comments…

  • PRND2L

    I think you meant duplication. Then what’s the real concept of MLM? Do you even know what the hell is marketing?

  • MLM networker


    tq for ur concern..indeed it’s a good statement u made..
    duplication means we duplicate the system like McD..and we leverage on our time to make our works lighter.
    thus, the end result here will lead to multiplication, if that do answer you 🙂
    now we hav abt 10,000 McD around the world..we do the same & like u say, duplicate on people and multiply.

    MLM is a word-of-mouth marketing, w/o shop, rental, elec, water bills, employees etc..
    for me, its a vehicle to generate $$ while helping people..but hey, must have those 5 criterias before into MLM, or else its not helping but its DAMAGING our lives and others’ lives becoz they hav faith in us into MLM.

    do feel free to exchange points of view here..

  • Marquis

    halo.. ape cite ni???
    1st of all aku nak sebut natang ni dulu…
    berani buat keputusan untuk masa depan anda…
    kenapa ramai yang anti MLM???tertipu???atau x boleh nak buat?????
    sebelum juin pk dulu kemampuan diri.. jgn juin sebab kawan…kompom out!!! kalu diri tu da letakkan nak berjaya.. insyaallah.. xkemana rezeki tu…ops… jgn la lupe…berlandaskan agama kite..
    pd yg baru ceburi budang ni.. truskan… we see u at the top!
    majoriti yang band MLm adalah dr org yg gagal n malas.. tp syabas kerana berani wat keputusan tok ubah diri..
    yang lebih malang pd yang belum juin n just dgr2 dr mulut org lain yang sentiasa kata MLM x bgus… :mrgreen:

  • PAkcik BAHAU

    hi kwan semua, sekarang product tipu siap lb ni dah sampai kat bahau. semua ord tolong beritau kat kawan 2, pakcik2 makcik 2 jgn terperdaya dgr kata-kat org tu. semuanya muslihat. pakcik angin pasal hari tu org umah aku pi dengar ceramah kat kampung pasal ib ni. lepas tu orgnya suruh dia labur 2500 dulu. i kata kat org umah mana ada cara senang nak jadi jutawan? kan semuanya kena ussaha. produk ni bukannya blh makan tapi apa gunanya pun tak tau?
    kawqn -kawan, pakcik dengar juga org umah cakap ramai org kampung tu dah join sampai 30 org lebih, ramainya org tua yg masuk sebab dengar kata-kata manis dia org tu.
    dengar kata org umah cerita ,salah seorg ialah cikgu dari melaka. namanya pn Rozyana dan org panggil dia” ana”, tapi dia org ni dari kumpulan Y&W network yag mula berkembang di melaka dan fokus pasaran melayu.
    pakcik bukan marah pasal cikgu sendiri jgn lah tipu org kampung ni kesian pakcik tengok. hari tu pakcik tanya jiran pakcik yg masuk ok tak perniagaan tu? org kampung tu kata entah nak buat apa dgn produk tu. lepas tu dia org disuruh cari kawan-kawan lagi.kalau tak tak berkembang poeniagaan.
    hi org -org bahau jgn terperdaya dgn kata-kata cikgu dah ord-org lb ni dia org memang penipu besar dan tidak bertimbang rasa atas kesusahan kita. tolonglah bagi tau kawan-kawan kat kampung bahau jgn bagi dia org masuk dan tipu duit susah org kampung ni.

  • PAkcik BAHAU

    pakcik nak share comment org lepas……….
    mungkin inu satu pengajaran buat semua supaya jgn ditipu. ini kenyataan dari ex marqui(maki)
    Jauhkan diri dari Steven Yeam Network (SYN)
    Satu teknik licik telah diperkenalkan untuk memerangkap anda masuk MLM nie. Pd mulanya sememangnya indah. Tapi tahukah anda sudah berapa ramai MARQUIS dalam Lampe Berger dh lari tinggalkan business ini. Terbaru adalah “SPEAKER TERHEBAT” untuk SYN sendiri. Kemana dia menghilang?? Semuanya gara-gara tak mahu downline menanggung bebanan hutang.
    Sememangnya bg anda yg baru dalam SYN ini anda akan dijanjikan dengan kemewahan2 yang anda impikan… memang betul ada yang boleh buat duit TETAPI RAMAI YANG TERLINGKUP. “AWAS” sy nasihatkan anda jauhkan diri dari MLM ini kerana taktik yang digunakan cukup licik. sy akan terangkan satu persatu:
    1. Apabila seseorang memperkenalkan anda kpd. business ini, anda adalah Prospek (P). Anda akan dibawa minum @ sembang2 ditelefon. Anda akan dipancing dengan ayat “Adalah.. kalau ko free nnti jumpa aku”.
    2. Semasa anda berbincang, sebenarnya anda sedang dikaji oleh “BRIDGE”
    (rakan anda @ org. yg perkenalkan business nie) mereka akan melengkapkan borang HD anda. Perbincangan biasanya akan berkisar kpd:
    -family background, hobbies, characteristic anda, impian anda, konsep MLM yg anda tahu, keadaan pekerjaan anda sekarang, keadaan kewangan anda sekarang…
    3. Apabila anda bersetuju berjumpa dengan “Bridge” anda, mereka akan mengaturkan jalan untuk lentokkan anda. Borang HD anda TELAH DIEDARKAN KEPADA AHLI2 SYN yg berada disitu untuk merekan “SHARRING” dengan anda. Kononnya menganpa mereka buat business SYN nie..MEREKA AKAN MEMBAWA ANDA SHARRING DENGAN ORANG YG PALING HAMPIR PEKERJAANNYA @ PENGALAMANNYA DENGAN ANDA. Contohnya, sekiranya anda guru, mereka akan bawa anda untuk sharring dgn. guru.
    4.Kalau anda perhatikan partner2 lain sebenarnya sedang memerhatikan anda dari jauh. Setiap sorang akan sharring dengan anda sampai tengah malam..

    ini ada lagi sambungan nya sila baca teliti bagi tau u all SYN dan Y&E semuanya sama .product tetap minyak wangi tu dan macam lampu apa…
    sila baca org kampung bahau jgn kena tipu lagi oleh “cikgu ana” penipu besar melaka tu.kalau dah kena tipu cepat -cepat minta pulang duit ok.sebelum diut hangus ditelan. pakcik kesian semua org ni.

    5. Anda akan dibawa utk ABP- ADVISOR, BRIDGE, PROSPEK dimana mereka akan memanggil rakan mereka yang lebih senior untuk memberi penjelasan kepada anda.(mereka akan TIP-UP advisor anda, macam2lh dia ckp yg advisor ni powerlh, susah nk jumpalh, anda beruntunglh, dr kl lh & mcm2 lg), BRIDGE adalah rakan anda dan anda adalah PROSPEK (anak ikan yg akan digoreng mereka)..

    6.Advisor anda akan berpura2 tanyakan soalan pd anda (padahal mereka semua dh tau pasal anda melalui borang HD)- itulah kekuatannya.

    7.Advisor akan bercerita pungpang10x…(Anda perhatikan yg “BRIDGE” akan MENGIAKAN apa yg Advisor kata) mereka akan berkata “BETUL-BETUL-BETUL” dan menganggukkan kepala mereka tanda setuju..(sebenarnya itu hanyalah lakonan sahaja)

    8.Advisor akan terangkan business plan bermula dgn plan FRANCHAISE, BARON, COUNT.. untuk permulaan mereka akan perkenalkan anda dengan plan FRANCHAISE dimana untuk menjadi ahli bayaran dikenakan cuma serendah RM2345 sahaja.

    9.Selepas anda bersetuju menjadi ahli, perancangan ke-2 mereka adalah untuk buat speed plan untuk anda..(COUNT plan).. anda akan diminta melabur sebanyak RM36000 untuk mendapatkan 45000PV. disini ramai antara kita membuat LOAN kerana tertarik dengan cerita2 mereka. Rakan yg lain akan SHARRING sampai anda berminat.. anda akan rasa di-push…

    10. Selepas anda melabur, anda akan dpt produk yg bernilai rm45000, anda simpanlah stok tu dkt rumah anda kerana Lampe Berger nie dh tepu dkt Malaysia. Bridge anda sedikit demi sedikit akan menjauhkan diri dari anda, alasannya nk jaga partner baru…

    Memang benar byk event2 yg dibuat oleh SYN, tetapi hanya org2 didalam SYN sahaja yg tau mengapa ianya diadakan.. Sebenarya pelabur seperti anda terpaksa buat kerana bebanan hutang.. yg kaya DCHL…

    Anda perhatikan dh berapa ramai orang kluar masuk dlm lampe berger nie. tak ramai yg bertahan. MARQUIS pun terminate diri mereka sendiri. YG TERBARU TOP SYN SPEAKER.

    SY bukannya nk buat mulut ttg SYN nie kerana sy adalah seorang MARQUIS dan tak mahu anda semua tertipu dengan MLM nie..

  • orang-bahau-hahaha

    kepada pakcik bahau..
    sy nak tanya lah..
    sejauh mana sijil yg pakcik bahau ada..
    sbb sy tgk, pakcik bahau banyak ikut org..
    n pakcik bahau tak tau apa2 pun..
    jgn la buat fitnah kat org pakcik..
    sbb dosa fitnah tu lg besar dr bunuh org..
    n doa org yg di fitnah tu makbul..
    ingat kuasa tuhan tu lg penting pakcik..
    nama pun pakcik compem kubur dah memanggil2 kan..
    buat2lah bertaubat pakcik yea..
    pasal top speaker kami tu..
    sy salah sorg partner dia pakcik..
    so sebelum pakcik becerita tentang dia..
    sy lg kenal dia dr pakcik..
    ataupun pakcik ni salah seorg dr diorg jugak kot..
    mengutuk kami sebab ada kepentingan lain dlm biz MLM baru korg tu?
    tp takpelah sy taknak tuduh meluru..
    bg sy itu pilihan dia..
    dia yg pilih jalan tu..
    n speaker yg hebat tu sendiri yg mengajak sy..
    utk buat bizness MLM baru yg lebih hebat katanya..
    kite boleh jadi org terawal kat sana..
    dgn syarat kite tinggal kan LB n partner2 kite kat sini..
    sy tak kata pilihan nye salah..
    mungkin rezeki dia lebih hebat kat sana..
    tp bg sy,sy tak sanggup tinggalkan..
    partner2 yg hampir setiap hari dgn kite..
    semata2 tamakkan harta..
    and sy pelik..
    kenapa ini satu2nya MLM punya company..
    yg ada tentangan sampai mcm ni sekali..
    keluar dlm kosmo la…
    dlm internet tak yah cerita la..
    sgt mustahil company yg besar mcm ni..
    company yg turn over dia berbillion setahun..
    SYN yg menghasilkan menghasilkan lebih beribu2 org yg berincome ratus ribu setahun..
    menipu org dan masih beroperasi spt biasa..
    kan tak logic tu…
    pakcik bahau..
    kirim salam kat mq fariz tu yea..
    top speaker n one of my idol satu ketika dahulu..
    pesan kat dia,thanks atas segala tunjuk ajar yg tak seberapa dulu..
    sekarang kite dlm industry yg sama,tp objective yg berlainan..
    tak kisah la apa yg korg nak buat..
    korg nak kutuk ke,nak buat apa ke..
    aku percaya pada tuhan..
    ada rezeki aku ada la, yg penting berusaha..
    tak perlu menjatuhkan org lain, utk capai apa yg kite nak..
    but i promis u 1 thing..
    org yg akan letupkan LB ni bro..
    takkan ada org lain yg akan fight gile2..
    kecuali kami leader2 ko yg ko dah latih sampai ktorg berjaya..
    sbb dlm hati kami, ada sedikit terguris atas apa yg ko dah buat..
    n u will hear from us soon enough..
    just wait and see..
    selamat berjaya semua, n for IMUONE Diamond Club..
    all the best for u guys as well..
    let us see who is tough to get through this way long journey…
    C U AT THE TOP!!!!!!!

  • PAkcik BAHAU

    hi kawan-kawan pakcik kat sini bukannya nak komen banyak tapi pakcik nak jadikan ni renungan buat anak muda yg nak kaya cepat tanpa usaha. pakcik kat sini nak betulkan sikit maklumat. sekarang kumpulan LB yg aktif kat bahau dan melaka ialah kumpulan Y&W dan fokus dia org sekarang ialah market org kita (melayu) sendiri.kumpulan ni samalah dgn SYN la apa n….

    pakcik memang sedar ada org yg tak senang hati dalam blog ni. tapi pakcik nak tanya sikit kat org yg mangkuk kat atas tu.

    1.apa yg syarikat tu buat dengan duit yg u org labur masuk tak kira 2k 3k 12k atau 30k?ada tak syarikat tu tunjukan laporan kewangan setiap tahun? kalau kita org labur contoh dalam saham amanah saham ke( misalnya ASN ASW2020) sudah rentu setiap tahun sia org akan hantar laporan kewangan untuk tunjukan kat kita org dari mana duit tu dah laburkan.samada beli share ke atau buat apa.

    2. kalau biz janji boleh berjaya kenapa upline yag kononnya gaji satu bulan 5, 6,7 angka atau berpuluh ribu atau jutawan bayar kat duit masuk 2 atau 3 ribu dulu, setelah dia orag dah berjaya( seperti yag dijanjikan ) sudah tentu dia org akan gaji besar macam marqi atau duke kan, masa tu belum terlambat bayar balik kan?. satu lagi kenapa dia org ni suruh prgi buat loan bank sampai berpuluh ribu lepas tu tak nak tolong . mana ada biz macam tu? ini kat satu penipuan.

    3. satu lagi pakcik nak tanya kenapa produk bodoh lampu bodoh(LB)ni tak ada kelulusan kementerian kesihatan malasyia? pandai syarikat tu gunakan produk yg org malaysia tak biasa guna dan tak boleh compaere kualitinya. syarikat ni ingat kita org kampung ni bodoh sgt. biasanya syarikat MLM edar produk kesihatan yg dapat kelulusan pihak K.SIHATANM. ini batulah terjamin dan kalau berlakunya pengyelewengan kita boleh ambil tindakan.tapi syarikat ni pandai pakai produk yg tak perlu kelulusan kementrian kesihatn sebab nak larikan sebuan pihak berkuasa dan nak jimat kos untuk hantaran dapatkan lesen kementerian kesihatan. satu lagi pakcik tak pasti adakah produk tu ada iktiraf HALAL oleh Jabatan Agama Islam tak sebab minyak wangi ( kandungan alkohol).

    pakcik di sini juga nak bagi tahu kat org -org kat BAHAU dan MELAKA ni jgn tertipu dgn kata-kata org LB ni. semuanya penipu. pakcik nak bagitau juga dengar kata kat melaka office dia org ni ada kat kedai baru di jalan besar hala ke jln semabok. office ada kat tingkat dua dan beersebelahan dengan restoran Nasi Berarni Gum atau sebelah kedai Perabot ANDA. so org melaka jgn kena tipu kalau ada org nak bawa kamu ke situ elakkan dan kalau boleh lapor polis senang jer.

    pakcik rasa kesian kat org kampung pakcik kat BAHAU yg rata -rata kena tipu degn kump Y&W melaka. dengar kata org umah upline dia org tu seorg cikgu dari melaka bernama PN YUZIANA atau dipanggil ANA dan seorg lagi cikgu kat SEK Kebangsaan Cheng tapi pakcik tak pasti namanya.

    pakcik naik marah kenapa cikgu-cikgu ni sanggup bantu org luar(bukan melayu) tipu duit org kita yg susah ni kat kampung. jgn ingat duit org kampung ni senang nak dapat, kenalah juga kerja siang malam cucuk tanam barulah ada hasil. cikgu ni tolonglah jgn tipu lagi duit org kampung susah ni, ajarlah anak murid kat sekolah tu betul-betul supaya jadi org pandai dan berguna. pakcik nasihat org LB ni hentikanlah tipu muslihat ni supaya tidak dibalasi oleh ilahi dgn balasan yag setimpal dgn duit yg telah ditipu.

  • orang-bahau-hahaha

    Saya sgt seronok bedebat dgn pakcik nih. Sebab kami di sini bukan org2 yg tak bepelajaran, ramai antara kami kat sini majoritinye berdegree. Dan dr apa yg pakcik cerita tadi, n dari susun ayat pakcik tu, kami tahu lah level pakcik dimana. Biar saya balas soalan2 pakcik tuh.

    1. Pakcik nak laporan kewangan, laporan kewangan kami boleh diperolehi dari KPDN sbb setiap tahun kami menghantar report kepada mereka. Klau Pakcik mahukan laporan cukai marquis2 yg ada, pakcik boleh check menggunakan rakan pakcik di LHDN. Apa yg pakcik perlukan adalah nama penuh dan ic sahaja. Tapi agak sukar untuk tengok sebahagian besar dr tax report mereka sebab mereka tergolong dalam VVIP and only authorised person sahaja yg boleh tengok.Menjawab soalan?

    2.Soalan kedua ni sy rasa sy tak perlu jawablah. Sebab cuma org yg tak paham apa itu biznes sahaja yg akan tanya soalan sebegini. Semua biznes memerlukan modal, dan kebanyakkan bermula dgn loan.Di sini r.o.i dia sgt cepat, janji kite harus buat mengikut system yg disediakan. Knp org2 berpangkat tak nak bayarkan dulu?hehehehe adoi pakcik pakcik, budak kecik pown pandai jawab la.

    3.Product kami dah berusia lebih seratus tahun pakcik. klau kualitinya tidak bagus, dia takkan bertahan selama tu. And berapa kerat je product yg berusia selama tuh pakcik kat dunia ni. Alkohol hukumnye harus, alkohol dalam perfume dan alkohol dalam arak adalah berbeza. Alkohol dalam perfume adalah hasil campuran kimia, tetapi alkohol dalam arak adalah hasil pemeraman buah anggur yg boleh memudaratkan (mabuk). Pakcik kena refer ustaz2 tedekat dahulu sebelum menuduh.

    Pakcik, dalam dunia ni, ada positive dan negative dalam semua perkara yg manusia buat. Dan ada yg gagal dan ada yg berjaya. Saya rasa saya paham kenapa pakcik mcm ni,sbb kecewa akan kegagalan dan tidak mahu melihat org lain berjaya. Itu perkara biasa dalam diri manusia especially bg mereka yg melayu. Tp sy sgt bangga akan apa yg pakcik cuba lakukan, berpendirian teguh dan bersemangat waja. Tp org dapat menilai yg mana yg baik yg mana yg buruk. Selamat berjaya kepada pakcik.

    C U AT THE TOP!!!!

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