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Few weeks ago, my friends and I went hiking on Broga Hills. Purposely woke up at 4am, only 2 hours of sleep i guess, and reached the place around 5am to start our journey. It’s not as tough as Bukit Tabur, but still quite steep though. It took us around 1 hour plus just to reach the top of the hill.


It was total dark when we started hiking, thank god there’s help from the full moon showing me the way (forgot to bring my torch lights). The sun just started to rise when we reached the hill top. Yet, it was a very cloudy day so there was no sun rise shot here. Took a blur shot above since I don’t have a tripod to bring on that day.


My grumpy sleepy large eye bag photo..


It was still early, but there was hundreds of people on top of the hill. Yes, at least 100 people up there. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo below. That was just one of the spot and there were big crowds of people carrying DSLRs shooting here and there..


Of course, then I started shooting photos around. Not myself though, just the other 2 fellas that went with me.


ConnSynn.. Just know her for a week back then.Very natural photo I must say.


These fellas kept on “flirting” around and since I got nothing to do, shoot their photos lo.. 🙂


Artistic photo but it will be perfect if I can get rid of those people behind. Sigh..


Fake smile photo of mine.


Then it was around 8.30am in the morning when we start going downhill as the sky started getting darker. Fell few times as it was slippery and steep.

b (1 of 1)


This ends the Broga Hills hiking journey. Have you been to Broga Hills? Show me some of your photos please. 🙂

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