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    D1 Grand Prix Round 2~

    Last Saturday my housemates and I went to watch the D1 Grand Prix Round 2 held at Danga Bay JB. Its a drifting race among the drivers where the two cars will go sideways side by side. When we arrived,…

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    Tyre Alignment~

    Normally people only spend around RM30 to fix their car’s tyre alignment. For me on the other hand, I always have to spend a lot more for it. Today I went to fix the alignment for my car as the…

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    Look at the UGLY gap~

    Just came back from the garage in Tmn U. I went to change my car suspension spring back to the original ones. Just look at the gap now.. so damn ugly~ It was just 3 fingers gap before this. Now…

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    Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Perodua Kelisa

    Jeremy really humiliates Perodua this time. I wonder when our national car will improve their quality. He seems really frustrated with the cars which made without good quality but to make money. But on the other hand, any car that…

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    My Car~

    Remember that someone just hit my car last month? Till now I still can’t figure out how it happened. Never mind then. I brought my car to fix last friday. The foreman is my far relative which I just knew…

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    Proton Satria Replacement Model TURBOCHARGED??

    Just browsing through Paul Tan’s automotive blog.. n i found this.. Proton Satria Replacement Model.. code name SRM24. Look at the bumper area.. u can c the intercooler in it.. so does it mean that its Turbocharged?? wow! Turbocharged proton…