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How to Download YouTube Videos~

YouTubeXEver felt frustrated waiting for hours just to watch a YouTube video? Now you can download your favourite YouTube videos using your download manager and save it to your computer.

The steps of downloading the video is just as simple as 1,2,3. First find the URL link for the video you want to download. Then go to and paste the video URL into their download box. After that, click GetVideo! and you will be provided with the download link and download it using your download manager. By doing this, you can reduce the time of waiting for the video to load.

The video downloaded is in .flv format so you need to use a FLV Player in order to load it.

Firefox fans can use the Video Downloader extension that allows you to download videos to your computer from YouTube and most video sites.

Also check out the amazing collection of YouTube Tools by QuickOnlineTips.

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