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iTunes and iPod Fever~

All of a sudden Apple made a lot of changes for iTunes and iPods. We’ll talk about iTunes first.


I will only write some interesting part of the new iTunes. This is a snapshot of the new iTunes. Now Apple offers downloadable movies and TV series just a few clicks away in the iTunes Store. Movies like Pirates of the Carribean and many new movies are available to download at low cost. The movies are all in near DVD quality 640×480 pixel videos which are perfect for watching on computer and or for syncing to iPod. Brilliant huh?

Other than that, iPod games are now available for just $4.99 in the store. Imagine you can play tetris, pac-man, zuma and many other small games on your iPod. That’s really fun~! haha..


Next its the new looks of the iTunes songs library. Songs can now be arranged according to album and singers, with the album thumbnail picture on the left. Hmm.. Its actually same with the new Windows Media Player 11. So nothing really that surprise me~



Let’s move on to the new iPods, starting with the smallest ones. This is the new “little” Shuffle. At just 1.62 inches long, this “little” iPod can hold up to 240 songs with its 1GB memory. This world’s smallest digital music player is selling at the price of $79. Now that’s a surprise.. The size is amazingly small if compare to the old iPod Shuffle.


Next, here comes the new iPod Nano with new colors and designs. In 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB models starting at $149, iPod nano puts up to 2,000 songs in your pocket. The new design is much thinner comparing to the old ones. How thin they really want it to be anyway? The old one that my sister bought last time is already quite thin for me.. lol..


Lastly, its the new iPod. 2 models are available where 30GB iPod is selling at $249 while the new 80GB iPod is selling at $349. 80GB man! Its the biggest storage for iPods so far. And now you can download movies from iTunes Store and sync into the iPod. The price for the 30GB is lowered compared to the old ones. Other than that, the 30GB iPod is 30% thinner than the previous ones. Crazy..


Still, the silky black iPods have the better looks compared to the white ones. LoL…

Besides all these changes, Apple is producing a wireless device, code-named iTV, that lets consumers stream movies or music to televisions. It will be out in the market by 2007 hopefully.

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