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I received an email from windows live beta team today inviting me to join and use their new product, Windows Live Mail. Its the new version of Hotmail actually, which they claimed to give you more speed, reliability, user friendly, and of course bigger space which is 2GB of email space for email. I accepted the invitation and my hotmail inbox is now changed to the new Windows Live Mail.

windows live mail

What you see here is a screen shot of my live mail inbox. They made a good job in making it almost same with the microsoft outlook actually. You can even change the looks of the boxes either the mail content will be shown on the right side or same like outlook which is at the bottom.

Let’s see… A 2GB email space is needed for most users nowadays. Hotmail offers 2MB for a start right? Nonsense.. Then after some tweaking they will give you 250MB later on ( or is it 250MB already now?). Microsoft is having a hard time on Google products such as Gmail and so on. Comparing this Windows Live Mail with Gmail, I still think that Gmail perform better. Windows Live Mail is using AJAX like Gmail where you don’t even have to refresh the page to read the mails. That’s why its called LIVE I guess ( I hope I’m right here..). So basically the speed of browsing those mails is almost the same. But there is something quite annoying.. the advertisements. I hate those big banners at the top and the right sidebar. Why on earth they need those big advertisements anyway? They used up the space and the window for reading the mail content is way too small. The BEST thing is, you cannot use the Live Mail layout in other internet browser other than IE. Great job huh? The layout will changed to Classic Hotmail View if you use other browser to open your mailbox. (Updates – Windows Live Mail can be viewed in all browsers. ;)  )

“Clean and simple interface with drag and drop capabilities.”
“2 GB storage, simple and clean interface.”
“Speed, less junk mail, and most of all, on-the-fly spell checking.”
“I like the clean, crisp feel of it all.”

Clean? With those big banners around, there’s no such thing as clean. The storage space is thumbs up for them. I haven’t checked on the on-the-fly spelling checking but I think its quite useful for some users. The speed of checking mails is fast, but to open the options of the mail is still taking a lot of time. Overally, Windows Live Mail may be a good choice for those who are used to Microsoft Outlook as you don’t have to waste time and harddisk space to download and store the emails in the pc while the speed of browsing through emails is just almost the same.

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